Why is my refund pending and how do I resolve the PayPal refund pending issue? On the contrary, PayPal is the most secure online electronic payment that provides buyers and sellers with protection to keep them safe. Most time, the buyer might not be satisfied with what the sellers or the good delivers. This is more reason why PayPal allows users to submit or request a dispute if the buyers have a problem with the purchase. Thereby requesting a refund from the seller which derivate to the term PayPal Refund Pending.

PayPal Refund Pending - PayPal Refund

Furthermore, the PayPal refund pending means that your money or refund is in process and it usually takes some occupy of days before you can receive your money which is the PayPal Refund Pending. However, refunds are usually issued by the seller’s bank account and the number of dates it might take for the funds to reach your bank account probably takes 5-7 days. Hence, once the transaction is completed, you’ll definitely receive a refund to your bank account or PayPal account. However, here are some related terms about the PayPal refund pending.

Why is My Refund Pending

Probably, after exceeding the actual required date for you to get your PayPal Refund Pending funds and you didn’t get your funds or money back. Most time, this can be as a result that the seller doesn’t have enough funds in his/her account in other to be able to cover your actual fund. That’s more of the reason why the refund is still pending.

If that happens PayPal usually transfers the funds directly from the seller’s main bank account liked to the PayPal account. Immediately, the transfer of your funds from the seller’s account complete, you’ll receive your refund into your bank account. In addition, in case you have waited for a long time and still, you haven’t received your funds. Simply, go to the PayPal help center and make use of the various help services. In other to report the issue of PayPal Refund Pending directly to PayPal customer service.

Where is my PayPal refunds

Another thing you also need to consider, most time the funds might have entered your account and but you didn’t receive a notification. Therefore, it’s important, that you access the PayPal refunds page to check the status of your refund.

  • Simply, go to www.paypal.com on your web browser.
  • Sign in your account either business or personal account on the sign in portal.
  • At the top right corner of your account page, click Activity.
  • Then, click Filters and select the option Refunds.

In summary, you can then see the status of your refunds. Likewise, you can also select the date to see your refunds. Right from that section, you can select the refunded transaction to see more detail about the pending transaction.