PayPal Dispute – How Do I Dispute a PayPal Charge

Did something go wrong during your online transaction with the seller while using PayPal to make a purchase? Or perhaps your demand for the purchase of the item wasn’t satisfying or order don’t arrive. On the contrary, the PayPal Dispute is a section or a complaint center where you can order the fund of your money. Sometimes this can be as a result of a misunderstanding or human error during the orders. When this happens, the PayPal dispute allows buyers to open a complaint file through PayPal to either ask the credit card issuer to reverse the money back or the seller.

PayPal Dispute - How Do I Dispute a PayPal Charge

Furthermore, when a buyer opens a dispute file, PayPal regarded this as a misunderstanding between the two-party. Therefore, the service ensures that the buyer and the sellers come in connection to work things out or to settle their differences. Hence, in case there no agreement reaches between the two-party, the buyer can escalate the dispute to a claim. Moreover, once a dispute resolution process is made, PayPal puts it on hold until the situation is resolved and if not, PayPal then tells a deep investigation on the transaction.

Factors that Lead to PayPal Dispute Resolution Process

On the contrary, there are different things that bring misunderstanding among people. Just I said above, the actually depends on the perspective of the buyer. However, some of the suggested factors that might actually lead to PayPal dispute include:

  • The items you receive wasn’t the one you order for.
  • Also, the condition you found was new and the one you got is not in good condition.
  • If the item isn’t complete perhaps one part is missing.
  • Another is when you bought two items but instead, you receive only one.
  • The items got damaged while reaching your destination.

In addition, another factor is when the buyer receives a fake item while on the purchase page it was stated as the original. Moreover, whatever issues you might have with the sellers, you’re advised to resolve them with the seller.

How to Open a Dispute

The fact about creating a dispute process is easy and simple. In case you purchase an item from any of the PayPal merchants. You can simply use the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Login your account.
  • Access the Resolution Center in other to open a dispute. Note it takes 180 days of your purchase.
  • Afterward, click “Dispute a Transaction.
  • Next select items dispute.

Finally, you can then click Continue and you will see an instruction displayed on the screen where you can request your account.

How to Escalate a Dispute Claim

In case after the attempt with the seller to resolve the misunderstanding and it wasn’t successful. The option of escalates a case to claim your money back. Here’s how to go about the process:

  • Access your account or go to the resolution center.
  • Then in the resolution center, you can click the existing case.
  • Next select “File a Claim”.

In other to escalate a dispute claim, the date interval is within 20 days when you first open a dispute file. Afterward, PayPal will review the case you made and then the solution will be found within 30 days.