PayPal Buyer Protection – PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers

What does it mean by PayPal Buyer Protection? Most people don’t feel the tendency of purchasing items online especially the old ones. Due to the fact that, there are lots of scammers online displaying fake items for sale. Through the reports of people been scammed of one thing or the other. PayPal took a massive investigation and decide to implement the PayPal Buyer Protection in other to keep the buyer secure. Therefore PayPal Buyer Protection is actually a secure service for the buyer to stay protected against sellers during online transactions.

PayPal Buyer Protection - PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers

Furthermore, an instance you purchase an item on a website using your PayPal account. The PayPal Buyer Protection comes into play in providing you with all-inclusive protection when there is an actual problem or issue concerning the eligible transaction. However, in case you don’t receive the item you purchase for. Or significantly not as described, as a result of that, requesting for funds is acceptable. Nevertheless, learn about the qualification for the PayPal Buyer Protection.

What is the Qualification for the PayPal Buyer Protection?

On the contrary, certain things govern the concepts of PayPal Buyer Protection. In other words, there are some requirements needed in other to be a member of the PayPal Buyer Protection service. You can check out the qualification below:

  • You make ensure that you complete all transaction i.e. completing your payment use PayPal.
  • While purchasing an item you must only use PayPal for Payment. Using multiple payment methods terminate the PayPal Buyer Protection.
  • Ensure that your PayPal account is well-secure and stands good.
  • Another thing that includes notifying the sellers that you have problems with the transaction. Therefore, you can open a dispute in the resolution center after making payment within 180 days.

Once your transaction comes with the qualification of PayPal Buyer Protection. The service got you cover of every purchasing price as well as the original postage charges.  The only aspect that the Pay Buyer Protection doesn’t get you covered includes purchasing items such as Vehicle in Motor categories, Real Estate, and also capital equipment in the categories of Business & Industrial.

Do I have to file a Dispute Claim Within a Certain Timeframe?

As a matter of Fact, one of the policies of the Buyer Protection is actually to ensure that customers get the right services or satisfaction they paid for. With every transaction, you make while using the PayPal account. Hence, you don’t need to worry about insecurity or scam because the Buyer Protection got you covered.

On the contrary, Yes you need to file a Buyer Protection claim within the timeframe. This is actually one of the qualifications of the Buyer Protection. Where you can only open a dispute within 180 days of payment. Therefore, whatever issue you have with the items you purchase. Hence, you’re required to contact the seller to settle the dispute. However, If unable to resolve the issue then you can create a file claim.