Panda View in 3D Google – How to View Panda 3D on Google | Google 3D Animals

How can I view Panda in 3D Google? On the contrary, there is an exciting feature introduction on the Google search result which enables you to view objects especially animals in full 3D. However, this feature was released last year and it was announced during the I/O conference in 2019 held by Google. During the conference meeting, Google announced the addition of the feature known as AR (Augmented Reality) to the search. Ever since the release, Google has seamlessly added more 3D animals for you to view in the Google Chrome Search using the AR to view animals in 3D.

Panda View in 3D Google - How to View Panda 3D on Google | Google 3D Animals

Furthermore, Panda view in 3D Google is one of the listed 3D animals that’s accessible on Google Search. This enables you to view the full reality of an animal by using the AR animal. Besides from the Panda view in 3D Google, there are other AR animals you can view on Google search. However, this article will be in various cross-sections for much understanding of how to view Panda in 3D Google.

How to Find Panda 3D Animal on Google

First of all, the Google AR objects integrated into the search is very easy to access on chrome. However, animals like panda and other various animals are added to the search. This enables a comfortable and easiest way to learn about objects by seeing the object in real-time. Majorly, the Google augmented reality image, presented like seeing something real. Viewing animals with Google AR provides a better understanding of what the object looks like. Whereby, you can view the scales of the object and other important details.

In other to make things easier, Google displays the AR icon at the left corner of the page. For example, to see Panda in 3D Google AR, just search for “Panda” and you will see the Google Search Knowledge Panel. From the panels, you will see an icon “view in 3D”, click on it and you can then experience the use of AR on Google to view the animal in larger objects.

What do I Need to View Panda in 3D Google AR?

First, you need to understand what devices can the feature be accessed. The Google 3D animals work variably on different devices. In other words, you can’t see the Google 3D AR on the desktop computer or laptop. The feature only supported on mobile devices to view animals or objects using the Google “View in 3D” or “View in Space” feature. Majorly, the Panda view in 3D Google can be accessed on Android 7.0 and iPhone iOS 11.0 or higher. Plus, the feature only works with Google Chrome and not any other web browser.