Outlook Email – Outlook Email Account | Outlook.com

Outlook.com is part of Microsoft office suite which aids you to manage information about your personal life. Although Microsoft outlook is mainly used by a lot of people as an email, you can do so much more with it. It can also be used for other things such as calendar, task manager, contact manager and so much more.

Outlook Email - Outlook Email Account | Outlook.com

Microsoft outlook helps you organize your life in one place. You do not have to switch from one app to another to organize your daily activities. Outlook calendar, you never miss an important date or forget an important meeting. You can also skype with your family and loved ones easily. This is because most of the services offered by Microsoft is on outlook.

Microsoft in an attempt to reach a lot of people designed outlook.com for various platforms. microsoft outlook is now on iOS and Android devices. This allows you to use outlook anywhere and at any time.

Why You Should Use Microsoft Outlook.Com

There are various reasons why you use outlook.com and we might not able to list them all. However, we will state some compelling ones right here;

  1. You ever get tired of seeing so much email in your inbox which makes your inbox look untidy. Well with Microsoft outlook, you can delete unwanted emails at a go. You can do this using clean up.
  2. With Microsoft Outlook, you can let those who are trying to contact you know that you are away from the office or on vacation. This helps reduce the number of emails that pile up in your inbox when you away.
  3. You can convert your emails to pdf files make it easier to transfer your emails and save them to external storage.

There are so much more fun things you can do using Microsoft outlook.com platform. In other to get started all you have to do is get yourself a Microsoft outlook account.

Microsoft Outlook.com Email

With outlook.com you can manage your mail and help set up which email is most important to you. Using the email on outlook.com has some very useful features such as tagging some with @. This helps you attract the attention of your contact to an email.

You might be tired of all your emails being jammed together with no difference between the important ones and the regular one. With the outlook.com email, you can group your emails between focused inbox and others. Focused inbox helps you group your important emails away from the regular mails.

Microsoft Outlook.Com Calendar

With outlook.com contacts, you are able to put together your appointment in one place. You can change the time at which the meeting will hold and set manage your reminders. Using the outlook scheduling assistant, you can do all these and more.

Outlook.com allows you to also customize and share your calendar. Customizing your calendar lets set your personal holidays and you also move your calendar to google calendar with ease. Using Microsoft outlook lets you share your meetings and appointments as much you want.

Microsoft Outlook.com Contacts

With outlook.com contacts, you able to sync your contacts with all your devices. It also lets you sync your contacts with your Skype account. You can add more contacts to your contacts list and create a distribution list which you can send a message to a group of contacts at once.

Outlook.com allows you to do so much with having to leave Microsoft outlook. You are able to connect all your favorite social app with outlook. Skype is also built into Microsoft outlook which lets you navigate through your emails and chat and calls with Skype.