Outlook 365 backup is quite important to those who find the outlook program very important, and useful to them. The program’s backup was created in case of unexpected loss of files; to make sure that the outlook 365 users can restore their files in case of unexpected loss.

Outlook 365 Backup - Backup Emails from Microsoft Office 365

Outlook 365, generally referred to as office 365, has been a wonderful and most used program when it comes to office or company duties. The program has been used for so many activities that the owners Microsoft, now designed a backup program in the outlook 365 programs.

The Outlook 365 Backup designed program did not just design to back up only one particular thing, because the outlook program carries out so many functions and saves so many files and contacts. So designing the backup program just for one part of the program only would be a waste of time. So that made Microsoft produce the backup program to cover all their activities that requires backup in case of unexpected loss.

Outlook 365 being one of the used Microsoft programs when it comes to office work, performs so many activities, and this activity has made the program famous and better than another program of its type. And this is part of the reasons why the program should even require backup to function actively and better.

Several files That Require Outlook 365 Backup Program

There are several programs in the Outlook 365 Backup program that requires back because of what they have. And they are:

  • Backup Emails from Microsoft Office 365
  • Office 365 public folder requires backup
  • Other mailboxes or office 365 plans requires backup
  • Contacts requires backup
  • SharePoint online
  • Calendar requires backup

Apart from this, there are so many others to discover, but you will only discover it when you start checking for it in the program or checking I online.

How Outlook 365 Backup Works

To access the outlook 365 Backup programs is much easy than you think. All you have to do is to follow the steps I will be listing for you. Steps to backup office 365 programs are as follows.

  • Choose the file icon at the top of the outlook ribbon
  • Choose open and export and then click import/export
  • Choose the export to a file icon
  • Select outlook data file (.pst) and  then click the next icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the name of the email account to export. Only one item can be exported
  • Click browse and select where you want to save the file, also type the name you want to give to the file and then click ok
  • If the file you are exporting is an outlook data file (.pst) Specify what to do if exported item already exist in the file

Finally, click finish and your outlook file will be backed up. And that is how you backup your outlook 365 file.