Oil & Gas Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Oil & Gas Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship- Are you a petroleum engineer? Do you want to live in the U.S.A? I will provide you with all the information you need to apply for oil & gas jobs in the U.S. Meanwhile, foreign nationals can earn up to $81,000 when they work in any oil &gas job in the States.

In the United States, there are over 9 million jobs available in the oil industry. This is an excellent job opportunity for qualified foreigners to apply to any oil & gas jobs and get sponsored in the USA.

The oil & gas industry is very lucrative and is deemed the world’s immense economic force. The industry has embraced the use of advanced technology in extracting the most from mineral resources and it needs competent workers to achieve this.

Furthermore, several oil & gas companies are recruiting competent staff to fill the vacant post of the job opening in the oil & gas industry. However, foreigners who wish to apply should ensure that they are qualified enough for the job to secure the job and get a free visa to the U.S.

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What Jobs are available in the Oil & Gas Industry in the U.S.?

The oil & gas industry is an important part of the energy market and it plays a crucial role in the world’s economy.  It is a very wide and lucrative industry and only the best staff are hired for the job.

If you are interested in a job in the oil & gas industry, you may be curious about the types of jobs available, fret not, here is a look at some of the careers in the oil & gas industry:

  • Offshore Technician
  • Well Testing Operator
  • Oil Filed Worker
  • Foreperson
  • Oil & Gas accountant
  • Pipeline Engineer
  • Gas engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Geologist
  • Terminal operator
  • Surveyor
  • Drilling engineer
  • Rig Manager

And many more. As stated earlier the oil & gas industry is a very important part of the energy market with so many career choices to choose from.

Most of these jobs are in high demand in the U.S currently and American employers are willing to recruit foreign nationals who are qualified enough to work in any part of the oil & gas jobs.

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What are the Annual Salaries of Oil & Gas Jobs in the USA?

A lot of people are curious about how much they will earn when they decide to choose a career in the oil & gas industry. The oil & gas industry is very lucrative, so most of the jobs in this industry are well paying. They can sponsor your needs as well as that of your families.

The annual salary varies depending on the location, choice of career, and the company they work for. However, the average annual salary expected for any oil & gas job in the U.S is $47,036.

If you are still curious about the average salary for other careers in the oil & gas industry. I will provide you with a table, stating the job types and their annual salary.

Job types Annual salary Monthly pay Weekly pay Hourly wage
Offshore technician $107,895 $8,991 $2,075 $51.87
Well testing operator $52,311 $4,359 $1,006 $25.15
Oil field worker $66,236 $5,520 $1,274 $31.84
Foreperson $81,468 $4,320 $1,080 $25.20
Oil & gas accountant $75,000 $6,153 $1,538 $38.46
Pipeline engineer $119,936 $9,995 $2,306 $61.51
Geologist $72,500 $6,042 $1,394 $37.18
Terminal operator $39,000 $3,250 $750 $20
Surveyor $84,000 $7,000 $1,625 $43.08
Drilling engineer $120,000 $10,000 $2,308 $61.54
Rig manager $115,000 $9,583 $2,212 $58.97

Requirements and Qualifications Needed

The oil & gas industry is a very large one. It makes up a large part of the world’s economy. In the U.S. there are over 9,000 oil companies located across 33 states in America. These companies recruit several qualified foreigners to work in the available job opening in their company.

Foreigners who dream to live and work in the USA can apply to any of these companies, meet their requirements, and get sponsored by the States.

  • Burns & McDonnell – Kansas City, Texas
  • Weir Oil& Gas – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Encana Oil & Gas Inc – Midland, Texas
  • Murphy Oil USA- Bono, AR
  • Cardinal USA Fuel Oil – Philadelphia, PA
  • Burnett Oil Co Inc – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Greenidge – Dresden, New York
  • Terrapower – Bellevue, Washington
  • Zion Oil & Gas Inc – Dallas, Texas
  • Repsol Oil & Gas USA Inc – Warrendale, PA
  • Aspen Aerogels- Northborough, Massachusetts
  • Freniereenergy – Claremont, New Hampshire
  • Alliance petroleum interest- Washington
  • Marubeni Oil & Gas USA Inc – Houston, Texas

These oil companies are currently recruiting foreigners who are qualified with the appropriate skills to work in the oil industry.

Oil & Gas Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship
Oil & Gas Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Requirements and Qualifications Needed

To apply for Oil and Gas Jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, you must first know the requirements and eligibility. This enables you to apply for the role without hassle. Here are the requirements and qualifications needed to apply for this role;

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent
  • Experience as an Oil and Gas Worker or training
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Must be able to Read and Write
  • Standard US CV Or Resume
  • Authorization to work in the United States Legally
  • Valid Visa
  • Applicant must pass the compulsory Drug Test
  • Advance Knowledge in Engineering and more

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How to Apply for Oil & Gas Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

For you to apply for Oil and Gas Jobs in the United States, you must have met the requirements and also make sure your documents are ready. As stated above, ensuring your documents are ready will give you a stress-free application process.

You can start your application online and it is completely free. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow;

  • Visit any Job Listing Website Online such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and more
  • Search for Oil and Gas Jobs with Visa Sponsorship
  • Scroll through the result and find a job that fit your qualifications and needs
  • Click on apply to start your online application
  • Upload your CV or Resume
  • Enter your correct information by filling the blank space
  • Finally, click on Submit and wait for your application to be approved

Upon approval, you will be scheduled for an online interview if your interview is successful. Your employer will discuss with you the next steps and guidelines to complete your application process.