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The Federal Government of Nigeria, in the quest to harness her youth unemployment saga, launched a platform tagged Npower. The system is slipped under the cover of social investment program for job creation and empowerment initiatives. It enrolls the unemployed and appoints them to different activities. Set to multiple skill development on a grand scale hence boosts the country’ economy, Npower circles economic, employment and social development sectors.


Different programs are enclosed on this portal to achieve its aims; learn and practice what is required to find or create jobs. This way, an easy pathway to skill acquisition, employment, innovation, and entrepreneurship is laid. On the other hand, Npower proffers solutions to poor public service and the Government varying policy.

These Npower programs are available in categories; for both graduates and non-graduates. The Graduate program enlists the NPower Volunteer Corp.

In a nutshell, the NPower Volunteer Corp involves a massive training and deployment of 500,000 graduates who will assist to improve the inadequacies in the Government public services. Some of these graduates will render their services in schools, health sectors, and civic education.

Others will help in actualizing Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency. Participants will offer instructional and advisory solutions in the following key areas you can Login for more update.

NPower Teach

Participants selecting this option will involve in a 2-year skill development program. He/she will give necessary supports in public schools across the country. This graduate is entitled to a monthly salary of N30, 000 and a computing device. The unemployed graduate is empowered for success and gets paid for it!

NPower Health

The Federal Government offers young graduates the privilege to be trained as Health extension worker. He/she will undergo a 2-year skill development program while educating, advising and promoting preventive health care. The participant will receive a monthly fee of N30, 000 and a computer device.

This provision is made to ensure continuous learning and progress to economic jobs. Be empowered for success while paving way for an efficient public health care system in our beloved country, Nigeria. Npower ideology ensures you get paid for your own growth!

NPower Agro

This NPower Volunteer Corp program provides training for participants and grooms them up as Agriculture Extension Advisers. Each chosen graduate will undertake a 2-year skill acquisition plan which is based on an Agricultural system.

He/she will provide the necessary details to farmers to improve their production. Every participant will earn a monthly salary of N30, 000 and a computing device to suit his/her learning.

NPower Tax

Participates will be trained and work as Community Tax Liaison Officers in their states of residence. They are to work with their states’ tax authorities. Each graduate will educate taxpayers to declare and pay their allocated tax as due to the Government. A minimum of 3,700 NPower volunteers will be assigned to work as community tax liaison officers.

The roles associated with this NPower key area include answering online inquiries, customer management, and tax compliance awareness amongst others. Every volunteer is paid a monthly fee of N30, 000. With N-Power, learning never stops and unemployment becomes a song of the past times.

Non-Graduate Programme

NPower Non-Graduate program provides the proper technical and business skills to non-graduates. This will help boost the prospects of their works and will thus, flourish their livelihood. It’s embedded options prepare young Nigerians for knowledge equipped with world-class skills and certification. The following are as listed on its Non-Graduate program.

N-Power Knowledge

Over 25,000 non-graduates are employed and trained for different jobs in this initiative program. NPower states that this program works side by side with over 5 innovation stations across the country. As a result, its plan ensures that participants can get engaged in the marketplace expanding their utilities as sellers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

Here is yet another NPower’ way of enhancing creativity and technology advancements. This niche also comprises of other sections. Every participant will be provided with computing devices and other information products to execute their targeted tasks. Visit the web portal here to read more for more inquiries.

NPower Build

This phase aims at an accelerated training and certification program that will engage and train 75,000 young unemployed Nigerians. Its end result is to build a new wave of a skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, artisans and service professionals. The focus industries include building services, construction, built environment services and automotive to mention a few.


The Npower program is for all eligible Nigerians who are willing to learn and work. Both graduates and non-graduates can participate. Qualified participates will be selected after its aptitude and relevant tests. However, these programs are equipped for young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35.

NPower Latest

The year 2017 Npower application process for Graduate category (NPower Volunteer Corps) is currently on. For those that have successfully registered for its various areas, be informed that its aptitude test has commenced. You will be notified via text message if you are/not qualified for the test. Follow the portal’s link here to complete the aptitude test when it is time for your preferred option as stipulated on its timetable.