New Movies on Amazon Prime – Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is a streaming movie platform. That provides you different categories and sections of movies to watch online, and download. When talking about the new movies on prime? This means there are new best movies on Amazon Prime, which you don’t have to miss out watching on the platform. All prime amazon is standard, good quality HD, interesting and attractive for users to stream and watch without beginning board. There are also best horror movies on Amazon prime, ready for you to access and start watching or download them. With all this interesting aspect of the prime movies which make its best movies market.

New Movies on Amazon Prime - Best Movies on Amazon Prime
New Movies on Amazon Prime – Best Movies on Amazon Prime

You can also get your best movies on amazon prime online on the platform. Either by visiting their site or using their mobile App to access the web platform. Many new and latest movies on prime which was just released of recent. How can you access the amazon prime new releases either on the mobile app or site? I will be introducing to you some steps that will also guide you through in this article below. There are some procedures you need to follow, for the first time user of the Amazon you need to create an account and set up a free trial with your account details meanwhile you won’t be a charge of payment until your free trials get expire.

Top New Movies on Amazon Prime by Categories

Here are the listed new movies on the amazon prime video which are available for you to access and start streaming anywhere you go. Either with the Prime Movies App or with the site. Here in this article are listed:

Action & Adventures

  • Bloodshot
  • Top Gun
  • Onward
  • Snow-piercer
  • Into the Red
  • The Gentlemen


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • The Vat of Acid Episode
  • Promoters
  • Onward
  • Collaboration


  • The house in between
  • Ghost hunters return to Waverly hills
  • Flipping the Bird
  • First time for everything
  • Cambria county jail


  • The dangerous game
  • The new deal
  • Beautiful monster
  • I still believe
  • Killing eve

And so many more. In conclusion, you can access the New Movies on Amazon Prime with their categories and see their latest new movies. Note that, there are some movies that are not owned by the prime video. But you can get them from the Amazon store either by Buying or renting from the Amazon store at affordable prices.

How to Access the New Movies on Amazon Prime |

On the contrary, the Prime video is a platform, created for users to watch and stream online movies from the prime platform. Meanwhile, you can also rent or buy movies from the Amazon store. To download Video, you can access the download from the amazon prime video app for mobile devise and iOS devise.

Visit your Play Store or Apple Store to search for the prime video app. Then select install to download into your operating devices. To access both apps and site you need to sign in Prime account for existing users. While for a first user you need to create an account and select provide the requirement needed. Finally, select free trials with your bank details but without charges for the free trials.