MusicBee – Ultimate Music Manager and Player

MusicBee is a freeware media player for playback and organization of audio files on Microsoft windows which are built using the Bass audio library. However, the platform is a brilliant free music player and organizer which helps the user enjoy their music collection no matter how much or huge. Also, MusicBee searches your PC for music and enables you to add tracks from iTunes or Windows media player. After everything is available to your MusicBee library then the app’s brilliant tagging system makes it easier. To complete missing metadata using the industry-standard formats, local album art, and find lyrics. Which will display while a song plays on the platform.

MusicBee - Ultimate Music Manager and Player
MusicBee – Ultimate Music Manager and Player

MusicBee is a well-designed platform for most PC hardware that supports high-end soundcards and 5/1 surround sound. However, the platform also supports streaming which is made available such as last.FM and SoundCloud. This is a great choice for enjoying your favorite podcasts, Many free media players allow both video and audio. but MusicBee is designed specifically for managing your tunes which does a superb job with that. Importing your music library to Music Bee is very easy if you currently use either iTunes or Windows Media player. There is a simple method to go through the process from the platform.

Does MusicBee have an Android App?

The platform is a lesser-known application but a fantastic music player for windows that syncs surprisingly well with Android. However, just like another music player MusicBee wouldn’t sync videos because it doesn’t have videos in its library. Also, with no option for Wifi sync, MusicBee doesn’t have a mobile app on Android or Ios devices but you got the opportunity to download the app remote control. On any of your devices and can control the music player from your mobile phone directly.

How to Download the MusicBee App

Downloading the MusicBee Remote App gives the user the benefits to control the music player from their device. However, the platform can also convert audio files if users will like to keep them consistent or encode them in a format suitable for other devices. Here are a few steps on how to download the Remote App on your mobile phone;

On Android;

  • Launch your Google Play Store on your Android Device.
  • At the homepage of the Google Play Store click on the search bar and wait.
  • Input the keyword MusicBee Remote and search. The app with a Bee is a MusicBee click on download.
  • After the download complete install immediately.

On iPhone;

  • Launch the App Store on your iOS device.
  • On the homepage of the store navigate to the bottom corner and click on the search icon. At the search bar input the keyword.
  • The app with a Bee is MusicBee click on Get and wait for the onscreen instructions to continue the download.

The platform also supports streaming services and optional plugins round off this superb free music player which becomes a firm favorite. However, for any user that loves music then you need a platform that includes high-end sound setups.