Microsoft Outlook Export Contacts – How do I Export Contacts from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Export Contacts is one of the most important parts of the outlook program. The outlook program deals mainly with contacts, as it aids in managing and saving your contacts when you open an account that requires contacts.

Microsoft Outlook Export Contacts - How do I Export Contacts from Outlook

Outlook has been one of the most used and most recognized Microsoft program when it comes to dealing with a company or organizational office duties. The program handles contacts far better than any other program design to work with contacts. And this is because, the program performs so many duties when it comes to working with contacts, duties like grouping contacts, exporting contacts, importing contacts, and sending messages using contacts.

Microsoft outlook export contacts using the aid of an import and export wizard. This program has created an impact in the outlook program, by making importing and exporting contacts easier and faster. Exporting contacts in Microsoft outlook is very important to those who are just accessing or opening their email account for the first time because it reduces the stress of creating a brand new pack of contacts when you have them stored in outlook.

The program also performs other interesting things that you might discover when you start using the outlook program; Some of those functions it performs are what made the program the choice of most office workers, and also the choice of other organization that makes use of it.

How to Export Microsoft Outlook Contacts

Exporting contacts in Microsoft outlook is much easier to perform than doing it in some other program. Steps to export contacts from Microsoft Outlook are as follows:

  • First you need to open the outlook program through your Microsoft office
  • When the program has opened, locate the file icon at the top left corner of the program screen and then click.
  • Click the open and export icon
  • Click the import/export icon when the next folder appears
  • Select export to a file and then click the next icon located at the lower right part of the screen
  • Click the comma separated values icon and then click next
  • Select the contacts icon in the next appearing folder and then click next
  • Click browse then select a location that you want to give to the file give the file a name then click next.
  • Finally, click the finish icon.

 That is how you export contacts from Microsoft outlook to other programs that requires the contacts. That was not so hard to accomplish, was it.