Marketing on Pinterest – Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Marketing on Pinterest is to increase the tools and awareness of your business. Marketing on Pinterest is not just for bloggers but also for any business in other to increase their audience utilizing a visual platform. This platform takes organic traffic back to a website and it helps increase the overall awareness of the brand or business.

Marketing on Pinterest - Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Pinterest marketing is part of your business as you begin to use marketing strategy, you may find out that you need to create amazing graphics settings for your Pinterest account or even create the right content. Consider using a platform like Fiverr to hire an expert designer or Marketing on Pinterest to help you maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts for bloggers.

Marketing on Pinterest Features

Marketing on Pinterest has some unique features that make it appeal to those that might not respond to marketing on the other platform. It uses an old-school pinboard to save things that the users might be interested in or may want to buy later. So here are a few of those features:

  • Boards: Boards are containers of similarly categorized content; each board contains content with a similar theme or interest; for example, one board might be “New Mom Advice” while another is about protecting your finance “Long-term Financial Planning for Millennial”.
  • Secret boards: Secret boards are the same as boards, except no one but you or those you’ve invited to pin on that board with you is able to see a secret board; you can make a secret board public at any time.
  • Group boards: Group boards work the same as regular boards except there are multiple pinners sharing content on a group board.
  • Pin: A Pin is a graphic or image that you add to a board; a Pin will usually link to an external website like a blog post, sales page or product page.
  • Re-pin: Re-pining is when you take someone’s content that was already pinned on Pinterest and Pin it to one of your own boards; by re-pinning, you’re sharing it on your own Pinterest profile.

However, Pinterest is focused on giving its users the content that will interest those most, and what they can generate inspiration from. Pinterest main goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things they find interesting.” So, you can use Pinterest effectively by finding ways to interest and inspire your potential customers on marketing.

How to Create Account For Pinterest Marketing

Setting up a business account on Pinterest grants you access to critical advertising features, such as analytics, reporting, board showcases, and added profile elements as well as the ability to create a “Pin it” button for your website. Promoted and buyable pins are also only available to those with a business account. Here is how to set up your Pinterest business account.

  • Go to which is the official website.
  • Click the Add+ link located in the top right corner.
  • Click sign up, fill the box.
  • Select an option from the board category.
  • Click on accept terms and privacy policy.
  • Click the create icon.

Now you own a qualified Pinterest account using your email, the business name you decide to create in the account is what you will use to log in the next time you want to access your Pinterest account. So now you are ready to enjoy and access the total features of the popular media platform on Pinterest marketing for bloggers.