Lupin Netflix – French TV Series on Netflix

When last did you watch an interesting movie because I’ve got one for you. Lupin is a French mystery television series which was released on the 8th of January. During the early days of its release, the movie was said to have had over 76 million views. Besides, during its time, it was one of the most-watched Tv series on Netflix with 10 episodes. Its first five episodes was released in January while its last five in June. But as at now Lupin Netflix still have only one season you can watch if you have a Netflix account.

Lupin Netflix - French TV series on Netflix
Lupin Netflix – French TV series on Netflix

Lupin Netflix although is not based on a true-life story but was greatly inspired by a literary character known as Arsène Lupin. Aside that, the stories were compiled into a total of about 24 books which were published between the year 1907 and 1941. Lupin Netflix is however very popular in France till date and according to research. It was said that if you grow up in France, you would get to know who he is, what he can do and what exactly he looks like. But I would say rather than having to travel to France to grow up and discover this which would even take a long time. Why don’t you stream the Tv series Lupin on Netflix? As it is available for you to go and stream now on just with a Netflix account.

Is Lupin Netflix in English

The original language of Lupin Netflix is actually French. But it was dubbed and made available in English with English-speaking actor’s voice dubbing over the French dialogue in American accented English. Giving non-French speakers the privilege to understand what the movie is all about. Aside English, you can also find other languages in which Lupin was dubbed in. Some of these languages include; German, Spanish, and Italian. And all are available on Netflix for you to stream.

Lupin Falls Under What Genre?

The Lupin Tv series is under the violence and mystery genre. Which if you love movies and Tv series with the combination of both violence and mystery, you are definitely going to love the movie Lupin. Are you still doubtful of the Tv series? See below a little highlight about the movie.

Plot of Lupin Netflix

Assane Diop when he was a teenager, his father died after being wrongly accused of a crime. Years later when Assane Diop was old enough. He sets out to seek revenge for his late father by getting back at the very wealthy family who was behind it all. He was also looking up to an infamous thief Arsène Lupin. This is for inspiration while he commences his plan to bring down the people responsible for his father’s death. He later became the most wanted man in the whole of France.

While the police try to track him down, he was also in search of his son who was kidnapped. Was he able to find his son and was he able to escape the police? You should watch this movie now on Netflix to get full details. As this movie has a lot to reveal to you as its audience. After watching the available part, you can now anticipate other yet-to-be-released seasons of Lupin on Netflix.

How to Watch Lupin on Netflix

Streaming Lupin on Netflix is very easy when you have a Netflix account. If you subscribe to Netflix because of the movie Lupin, I can assure you that you would not regret it. However, aside Lupin, watching any other movie on Netflix requires you to have a Netflix account which is very easy to create. Moreover, you would get the movie (Lupin) in a very high quality. Signed up for lupin already? See steps below on how to watch on Netflix;

  • Login to your Netflix account
  • Using the search bar at the top page, locate the Lupin movie
  • Select an episode you want to watch and click on it
  • Tap on the play button to begin your streaming.

With these steps, you do not have to visit cinemas to stream the movie called Lupin. When you can easily do that right there in your comfort zone with family and friends.