What is the Scentsy workstation? This might seem strange to some people while to some it is not. However, you are welcome to this page and you will surely get all the information you need. Login Scentsy is a portal that gives you access to your Scentsy account where you can amazing services like emails, downloadable resources, and news and you also get to order good perfumes as well.

Login Scentsy - How to Login to the Scentsy Portal

Scentsy dashboard is one of the most important business tools and you can use it to place orders conveniently. Aside from this, you can track your sales get information on Scentsy news and events, and also set up parties. Scentsy workstation login is a web portal for all fashionistas to buy good perfumes.

However, it is only Scentsy customers that have full access to the Scentsy workstation login. Also, the employees can log in to their accounts to monitor their work. This is so amazing because now these employees can track their activities from their mobile phones.

Benefits of Scentsy Workstation

Login Scentsy offers lots of benefits to its customers so if you aren’t making use of Scentsy then you are missing out. Let’s take a look at these benefits below.

  • All customers have access to the Scentsy catalog
  • Checking out Scentsy cards
  • Scentsy consultant near me
  • Scentsy summer flash sale
  • Scentsy sale

There are other benefits you get to enjoy aside from these, but these benefits are only applicable to those who have an existing account. Scentsy login UK offers unique custom-designed products that are very much creative and fashionable. The website is accessed by almost 11 countries and still counting.

Things you Need to Access Scentsy Employee Login

As an employee, there are certain things you must have before you can access your account. so if you want to access your account these are the things you must have.

  • You have your consultant ID
  • Your password
  • Email Address
  • A personal Device
  • A good internet connection

To access your account you can make use of any device like your personal computer, smartphone, or Mac. Scentsy sign-in and web portal is a place where customers and employees can log in to their account from home or anywhere around the world.

How to Login to the Scentsy Portal

Scentsy website is accessible to any device of your choice as long as the device is internet enabled. Now follow these steps below to log in to your Scentsy account.

  • First, you have to visit the main website
  • After that, you will be taken straight to the main website page
  • Enter your consultant ID Number
  • Enter the password you selected during the enrollment process

In case you have forgotten your password, just click on I forgot my password and it will be sent to you. However, if you meet the entire login requirements you will have no problem getting logged into your account, just ensure you have an internet-enabled device and a good internet connection too.

How to Reset Scentsy Workstation Login Password

Consultants and employees might have forgotten their passwords. But don’t worry these steps will help you get them back. Now follow these steps if you want to retrieve your password.

  • Go to the official Scentsy workstation website on your device
  • On the login page, go to I Forgot My Password
  • After that enter your email address
  • This way, you will be able to get the password reset link
  • After that, just click Continue

The consultants can now access it online when they login to Scentsy without facing any issues. It is a safe method of gaining access to relevant and important product information.

How to Place an Order on the Scentsy Workstation?

Have you been thinking of placing an order on the Scentsy workstation using the login Scentsy? Well, no need to panic because you can do all that by following the steps below.

  • Visit the website and click on the consultant login at the bottom page
  • Enter your Scentsy consultant ID number and password
  • Then click Sign in
  • Locate the Place an order link on the following page and click it
  • After that enter the name of the host of the party, her address, and phone number
  • Enter your credit card or bank account information to pay for each placed order using a check or cash payment.

Finally, you have to confirm if you have entered all the correct orders, names and addresses, and also the payment information. Once you have confirmed this you can immediately submit your order.