The LinkedIn sign up is a registration process where you can sign up for a LinkedIn account. By signing up for LinkedIn account, this provides you with a login ID in which you can make use of to access your account either on the website or on the mobile app. Hence, you can learn how to sign up for LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a social networking service that offers business and employment services to post jobs, and also for job seekers to find jobs online.

Majorly, LinkedIn is used as a professional networking service and there are lots of job applications ready for job seekers to find. This provides businesses with powerful tools to create a job posting for people to find jobs and post their CVs. When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, you’re enabled to create a profile and also “connections” with people through the online social network. Above all, you can invite members to also become a “connection”.

Overview Features of LinkedIn

First of all, LinkedIn is used by personal brands, job seekers, top businesses, and also use for advertising or for-pay research. Meaning you can create job awareness, find jobs to apply for and also advertise your business on the platform. Statistics show that more than 690 million active users are using LinkedIn. Here are some of the feature:

  • Mobile: the platform offers you a mobile version in which you can always stay connected with new updates.
  • Groups: you can create a group and add people to share the same idea as your cause.
  • Embedded in profile: right now, LinkedIn allows you to embed other external links to your profile page.

However, there are lots of exciting features available on LinkedIn in which you can make use of to build your network. Above all, the sign up for an account is free, except you want to opt-in for the business plan. Check out the following steps on how to sign up for LinkedIn account.

How to Sign up for LinkedIn Account Online

On the contrary, how to sign up for LinkedIn account is a very simple step and you can either use the mobile app or the website to create an account. For this article, we will only go through the LinkedIn account sign up on the web using your web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  • First of all, open your web browser and type
  • This will first open the login page, click on Jon now to access the LinkedIn sign up page.
  • Enter your email phone number and password to set your account.
  • Finally, click Agree & Join.

Keep in mind, the “Continue with Facebook” is another option that allows you to sign up for the LinkedIn account. Afterward, you can then set up a complete profile and you can start adding people by sending them friend requests.