LingoDeer – Learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese and More

Do you want to learn a new language? Are you interested in being bilingual? Then keep reading. LingoDeer is an educative and informative app that trains and teaches nine different languages in the form of interactive activities and games. The languages which can be learned on LingoDeer are Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean, French, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

LingoDeer - Learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese and More

LingoDeer is also one of the most used language-learning platforms. It is cheap and you can learn any type you wish to learn out of the nine languages taught by the app. You can practice and perform a lot of exercises on the app. LingoDeer was launched in September 2017 with the purpose of teaching East-Asian languages.

Why Should I Use LingoDeer?

This language-learning platform is amazing and it also comes with captivating features. It is excellent for vocabulary and grammar insights. You can use it as your single source of study because it comes with all the information you need so you do not need to be referring to another platform.

If you set a goal that you want to learn a language within a few weeks or months, then you can achieve that with LingoDeer. It is a very helpful platform with lessons and audio in all of the nine languages available on the app. You also get to learn pronunciation through the platform.

If your parents pester you to learn a new language or engage yourself with something, you can learn and start speaking a new language through LingoDeer. A lot of people prefer to use this platform because it is good and helpful. You can also make use of its premium version. With this version, you can access more features and more advanced lessons.

It is totally recommendable so, if you have a friend, you can advise that friend to take up lessons from LingoDeer. Download the app today or sign up on its website and begin learning a new East Asian language easily.

How to Install and Sign Up for LingoDeer

Using the LingoDeer app is very easy. The platform can also be accessed through its official website and its mobile app which is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. To be able to download and use the LingoDeer on your devices, follow these steps:

  • To access the LingoDeer on its website, visit this link.
  • Once the link opens, you will be taken to the website, tap on Start Now.
  • On the next page, you will be asked what language you wish to learn. Select the language you are interested in learning.

You will automatically be taken to the LingoDeer home screen and you can take your lessons. Also, if you want to use the premium version of LingoDeer, take on a Membership, and you will see three different offers available for you. Select the one you want and pay for it and start learning a new language today.

And to use LingoDeer on its mobile app, you can visit your Google play store, search for the app and click install. Once the download is complete, click on it to open it and follow the same sign-up process.

What Are the Benefits?

The first benefit you get from using it is that you will be able to speak another language. It is cheap and easy to understand. It also explains what you read and there is audio that always you to hear and listen to the pronunciation. LingoDeer is your best bet if you are interested in learning a new language.

How Much Does LingoDeer Cost?

It is not pricey at all. You get to learn new languages at a low price. The cost of using the LingoDeer for a month is $12.99. It also cost $76.99 per year. The app also comes with a feature that buys you a lifetime membership. To be able to use this version, will cost you $119.99. You have access to audio, lessons, and exercises.

Is It Safe?

Yes, the use of the LingoDeer app is 100% safe. It works with a safety precaution that guarantees the safety of your date. It also protects you from modification, misuse, and loss. LingoDeer works hand in hand with firewalls which are frequently updated.