John Thompson Scholarship 2024

Are you a digital marketing student searching around for a scholarship to study in Europe? Well, you have come across the right article. Have you heard about the John Thompson scholarship? The Dublin City University Business School is happy to announce the opening of applications for the 2024 John Thompson Scholarship. This scholarship is a fully funded golden opportunity that covers the full tuition fees of successful students studying for a Master’s degree at Dublin City University (DCU).

John Thompson Scholarship

As an international student, you will have the opportunity to study master’s in digital marketing abroad. Not only is this opportunity available for foreigners, but as a resident or citizen of Ireland or Europe, you can apply for this scholarship. In this article, we will provide you with the John Thompson scholarship details, benefits, requirements, and how you can apply. Read the post to the very end to get the full information.

About the John Thompson Scholarship

Established in the year 2008, this opportunity was made to commemorate John Thompson. A prominent figure in Irish media with almost three decades of influence. As an executive, he contributed to the success of major publications like U magazine, The Irish Farmers Journal, and the Sunday World. His massive leadership role included serving as the Managing Director at Independent Star Limited and Chief Executive of Associated Newspaper Ireland. 

Scholarship Summary;

University Country: Ireland, Europe

Institution: Dublin City University Business School

Eligible countries: All countries

Focus Area: Digital Marketing

Category: Masters Scholarship, Postgraduate Scholarship

Reward: A Full Scholarship

Period of the program: 2 years

Deadline: July 30, 2024.

John Thompson Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be qualified for this opportunity, students must possess the following requirements:

  • Students must be able to speak good English.
  • All world countries are eligible.
  • Individuals applying for this scholarship must have an understanding and interest in marketing, media, journalism, and business.
  • He or she must meet the other entries and academic requirements of the MSC program.

If you are a foreigner or a citizen or resident of Europe and you meet the above requirements, then you can go ahead and apply for the scholarship.

John Thompson Scholarship Benefits

Just so you know, there are so many benefits to getting this incredible opportunity. As an international student, not only will you be able to study abroad, but you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Successful student’s tuition fees will be waived for the DCU Business School.
  • It is a good opportunity for international students to learn from international and seasoned Irish business experts.
  • As an international student, it is a good opportunity to study in Europe and learn about the culture.
  • International students can get practical experience in talents and disciplines that are in high demand at the moment.

The above are some of the benefits that come with the John Thompson Scholarship. Apply for this opportunity today to get a chance to study for a master’s degree at DCU.

Required Documents

To apply for this scholarship, there are documents you will need to provide. Below are these documents:

  • You will need a detailed CV outlining your professional and educational background.
  • They will ask you to provide a brief essay about your interest in the scholarship, whether you are a suitable candidate and your career goals.
  • Also, you will need to provide documents that prove your academic achievements.

How to Apply

Applying for this program is very easy and does not require much. As long as you have the above documents and are qualified, you are good to go. First of all, you will need to apply to the program of your choice. You can begin this application and email their global office to talk about the issues with the application. Visit the official website to check out the contact details.

They will be able to provide you with other scholarships that you may be eligible for. Once you have gotten it, you can apply for the John Thompson scholarship. After that, you will be required to provide a copy of the above details. You should submit it to the Group Head for Marketing at DCU Business School, Professor Edgar Morgenroth, via email.

Check the DCU official website on the John Thompson scholarship page for the email address. Always keep in mind that a student cannot be aware of more than one DCU scholarship at a time.