iCloud Find My iPhone – How do I Find My iPhone on iCloud

How can I use iCloud to find my iPhone? In the meantime, one of the means in which you can use to locate your iPhone device is through the use of the iCloud Find My iPhone. This apparently happens to be one of the requirements that you need to set up an iCloud account which indirectly is used through your Apple ID. In general, Find My iPhone is a mobile tracking application that makes use of the GPS on your device and also the Location Service to help track down your iPhone.

iCloud Find My iPhone - How do I Find My iPhone on iCloud

Basically, the iCloud Find My iPhone is actually a feature provided by Apple Inc that enables users to track down their lost, mislaid or stolen iPhone. Moreover, the application isn’t only designed to help you find your iPhone. But also find other various iOS devices, Mac Computer, Apple Watch and also AirPods. On the contrary, the iCloud Find My iPhone is only found on iOS operating versions of 8.0 and later. But on iOS 13 the application is replaced by what we known as Find My which is a combination of Find My Phone and Find My Friends.

Interesting Fact about the iCloud Find My iPhone

iCloud Find My iPhone is one of the best-integrated applications on various iOS devices which allows you to track down your iPhone and also protect them for robbers with its advanced tracking feature. However, the application operates based on the following:

  • Allows you to track down your device, and also your family members devices as well with the use of the Location Service.
  • The app also comes with a feature “Play a sound” which help locate of your device is around the corner.
  • With the use of the Lost Mode, you can lock all activities by creating a passcode and also track down your device.
  • The remotely erase option allows you to delete all your important financial information and other information you don’t want people to see.

In addition, the iCloud Find My iPhone also provides you with Activation Lock to enable strong protection to keep your device on the eye-point. Keep in mind, the service must be activated on your device before the following action can be possible.

How to Locate Lost iOS Device Using iCloud.com

In the meantime, the procedure in setting up your Find My iPhone is simple and straight. Just go to your iOS device settings and search for Find My iPhone. Then you can activate the application to navigate the location of your device if using the Find My iPhone app. Also, you can as well use the iCloud to locate your device

  • www.icloud.com/find and then sign in your Apple ID.
  • Use the feature to track down your device or stop any activities.

Keep in mind, ensure that the device you’re using to track down your device meets the system requirement. However, you can use any feature, either the iCloud feature or Find My iPhone feature to navigate where your iPhone or other Apple device is located.