i864 – Affidavit For Family-Based Immigrant | Form i864

What is i864 for? What is the purpose of I-864? Form 1-864 also known as affidavit support is required for family-based immigrants and some of the employment-based aspiring immigrants to display or show that they have means of financial backup or support. And they are not likely to become a public charge. The I-864 form is a document a person signs to accept the financial support for the applicant who wants to live in the U.S.  The individual is who signs the form is also known as ‘sponsor’. The i864 contract is between a sponsor and the United States government. The sponsor has to promise to support the aspiring immigrant if the individual cannot do it on their own.

i864 - Affidavit For Family-Based Immigrant | Form i864

I want to file for form I-864, when should I file form i864? This form should be completed when the individual that is applying for their green card has already made an appointment for an immigrant visa at the consular office outside the country. If you want your spouse to enter on a k-1 visa or a k3 visa, then you should file for the i864 once they adjust their status to a permanent one after they got to the United States. Do you want to know more about form I-864? Follow the article to the end. That is because it will enlighten you more about the form i864

Who Can Sponsor i864?

To be a sponsor who can file for form i864 and support an individual who wants to live in the United States. You must be eligible as a sponsor because you are signing on the behalf of an intending immigrant. So as a sponsor you must

  • Be a United States citizen and you must be 18 or above
  • Have monthly income 125% above the poverty line
  • Prove that the United States is your country or homeland.

If you have the above requirements and you can prove it. Then you can be a sponsor who can file for form i864 anytime the immigrant or the individual wants to travel.

Can I File Form I-864 online?

It depends if you received form i864 through the NVC (national visa center). You should be able to submit it online through the CEAC (Consular Electronic application Center). However, if you are filing the form directly with USCIS and you are filing it along with form I-I30 or Form 1-129F, then you can send it to USCIS Chicago lockbox. Filing it online can make it very easy because all you just need is your device and the requirements.

When Does i864 expire?

Form I-864 does not expire. However, if the individual who was sponsored becomes a united states citizen and has worked 40 quarters of work in the United States. And if the person eventually leaves the United States for a place outside the country. However, you need to know that form i864 does not expire and you can only use the affidavit form for only one individual.