How to Start a YouTube Podcast

How to start a YouTube Podcast? Are you interested in launching your own podcast on YouTube? It might seem like everyone is diving into the world of YouTube podcasts these days. But there’s a good reason for its popularity.

How to Start a YouTube Podcast

Podcasting offers a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and engage with your target audience. Whether it’s for personal passion or business purposes.

Considering that YouTube is one of the leading platforms for both audio and video content on the internet. Integrating it into your podcasting strategy is a logical step.

So, you might be wondering, how do you go about starting a podcast on YouTube? In this guide, I’m excited to provide you with valuable insights and step-by-step tips on launching your podcast from scratch, with YouTube as one of your ultimate goal. So, I implore you to read through this article to be enlightened.

What is a Podcast on YouTube?

A YouTube podcast show operates as a playlist, with individual podcast episodes serving as videos contained within this playlist. If your primary goal is to establish and promote your own brand, you can achieve that through a dedicated YouTube channel.

Your YouTube channel essentially acts as your personalized space within the YouTube search engine, granting you the ability to upload and share a wide range of video content tailored to your preferences and objectives.

How To Create a Video Podcast on YouTube

YouTube now offers a way for podcasters like you, to create a podcast on YouTube directly. As a YouTube podcaster, get special perks by coordinating the episodes they have uploaded to YouTube in the playlists, and designating those playlists as a podcast. To create a video podcast on YouTube, you can follow these steps:

Plan Your Content

You need to decide on the topic and format of your podcast. Determining how long each episode will be and what kind of content you want to share.

Gather Equipment

You will need a microphone, a good-quality camera, a webcam, a laptop or PC, headphones, recording software, editing software, podcast hosting software, and maybe some lighting equipment. Make sure the equipment is working well before you start recording.

How to Start a YouTube Podcast – Record your Podcast

Make sure you are setting up your equipment in a quiet and well-lit space before you start recording your podcast. Make sure you speak clearly and are engaged with your audience.

Edit Your Video

You also need to use video editing software to trim all unnecessary parts, add intro or outro, and enhance the overall quality of your video. There are a lot of free and paid editing software options available.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you need to create a YouTube channel. All you just have to do is find your way to YouTube’s website and sign in using your Google account. Tap on the “Create a channel” option and follow the instructions.

How to Start a YouTube Podcast – Upload Your Video

Once you have your channel set up, tap the “Upload” button and choose your edited video file. Add a title, tags, description, and thumbnail in order to make your video more discoverable.

Optimize Your Video

You also have to use relevant keywords in your title, tags, and description to assist your video in ranking higher in search results. Add chapters, timestamps, chapters, and captions if necessary.

 Publish and Promote

After you have filled in all the necessary details, tap on the “Publish” button to make your video podcast live on YouTube. Sharing it on your social media platforms and engaging with your audience will likewise promote your podcast.

Always remember, that consistency is key when creating a video podcast. Always upload new episodes and engage with your viewers in order to grow your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it Better to Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube channel or a podcast are both viable mediums to build an audience. Podcasts are generally good if you are looking to create a trust wordy audience, whereas YouTube is good for getting to reach more viewers.

It might also be easier and cheaper to generate an audio podcast as you won’t need extra camera equipment or go through any sort of video editing.

Can You Start a Podcast for Free?

Yes, of course, You can start a podcast for free, but this might not bring out the best results. All you just need is a free recording and editing app and you are ready to start creating a podcast.

A lot of podcast platforms are completely free so sharing and publishing your podcast should not be a problem as well. However, I suggest you invest a little if you would like to get access to better features and record in higher quality with better equipment.