How to Spot Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

How do I spot fake profiles on dating sites? In today’s article, we will be providing you with useful tips on how to spot fake profiles on dating sites. Meanwhile, dating sites have without a doubt been providing the best avenue for singles from across the world to find and meet their ideal match. These websites have helped thousands of singles find their soul mate, make meaningful connections, and more. Most people who are married today met their spouses on dating platforms.

How to Spot Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

However, many people have been scammed on these websites, especially people who don’t know how social network works. These scammers make use of fake profiles to take advantage of other users by deceiving them into giving them money and carrying out other fraudulent practices. Based on research, around 1 in 10 online dating profiles are fake. But on the bright side, you can discover these fake profiles and protect yourself from getting scammed. Check out the tips in the next section of the article on how to spot fake profiles on dating sites and apps.

How to Spot Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

In this section of the article, we will be providing you with useful tips on how to successfully spot fake profiles on dating sites so that, when you see these red flags, you will avoid such people.

1. The content on their Profile Page is Sketchy

People or organizations using fake profiles are target-focused, which means they are focused on a specific demographic. One of the best ways they get people to like them is through their content. They post sketchy information about themselves and their families. In fact, most of them claim to live in countries they have never been to before. Most importantly, they are good at presenting made-up stories and backgrounds that imply they are worth clicking. Now, before clicking on any profile on a dating site, ensure to conduct intensive checks and verifications. If you find out that their profiles are sketchy, then it is more likely a fake profile.

2. They have Limited Photos on their Profile

Another way to spot fake profiles on dating sites is the number of pictures on their profiles. Most profiles on dating sites with limited or no pictures are fake. Although most people are camera shy, others are not fond of taking pictures. Nonetheless, dating site users are expected to update their default photo once in a while. On the other hand, most people use someone else’s profile to trick people. If you aren’t in doubt, you can ask for more recent images or invite them to have a video call. Doing this will help you spot fake profiles much easier.

3. They have no Social Media Accounts linked to their Dating Account

Meanwhile, most people with fake profiles on dating sites have no social media accounts linked to their dating site accounts. To spot them, you can search their user name on other social media platforms. If you find such a person, make sure to check the date their account was created. Also, check out their recent posts on those social media platforms and compare them to those on their dating profile. If you find out their profile was recently created, this shows that such a profile was created to make the non-existing persona socially present. Many scammers do this to ensure that they look more real.

4. They Use Automated Chats

People with fake profiles on dating sites make use of automated messages to scam multiple individuals simultaneously. You will find out that their profiles sound robotic, and sometimes there is excessive use of inappropriate emojis. You can easily distinguish a real person from a chatbot. If you feel your conversation seems to be going strange, then it is a clear indication that such a person is fake.

5. They Are Openly Flirty and Direct

Most people with fake profiles on dating sites are openly flirty and direct. They send erotic messages to their victims, and once their victims fall for the bait, they become flirtier just to win them over. Once they’ve won their victim, they begin to ask for payment for more photos. If you notice people like this on a dating site, ensure to report their account or block them immediately.


Online dating sites are the best place to meet your ideal match, and you can start a short-term or long-term relationship on these platforms. However, you need to watch out for scammers. Most people on these platforms are out to scam or lure unsuspecting people into their traps. However, you can make use of the tips provided to escape their traps. Finally, never share your personal information and details, and also never send money to anyone on the site.