How can I create an Instagram business account or is a business Instagram account free? In this article, you can learn how to set up a free business profile to start advertising your business online. Many large businesses and small businesses have started using social media advertising as a point of connecting their business to a large number of customers. Instagram stands out as one of the reputable means in which one can create a large number of communities that connect with your business. However, to set up an Instagram business account is free except advertising on the platform requires a payment method.

How to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Furthermore, there are lots of social media advertising platform similar to Instagram which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and lots more. Based on statistics shows that Instagram is one of the best marketing strategies where you can create a free business presence to show your business online. However, there are so many reasons why most businesses decide to choose Instagram to promote and grow their business online. Learn more about Instagram business account and how to set up an Instagram business account.

Why Choose Instagram Business Account

Just like I stated earlier, businesses are currently seeing the opportunity of the use of social media marketing to promote and grow their business online. 80% of people around the world spend 20 hours on the social media platform viewing posts and checking out recent posts. The social media platform serves as a potential advocate for social media advertisers to help small businesses set up a business account on Instagram where they can create content and also grow business online.

In addition, lots of people join Instagram just to get inspired and also to discover creative ideas. According to reports, 60% of people check out new products and content on Instagram. For over 200 million Instagrammers a thousand of people visit business profiles daily. Above, over 80% of the time a user spent on Instagram to watch videos.

How to Set up an Instagram Business Account

First of all, to create an Instagram business is free. In other words, it doesn’t cost much to set up a business page on Instagram. Plus, creating a business Instagram account 2020 allows people to discover more about your business and also help in putting our products, services, or business to the potential customers.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install the Instagram app.
  2. Use the App Store to iOS or Google Play Store to Android o download the Instagram app.
  3. Then, you can sign up for an Instagram account to log in with a Facebook account or email address.
  4. Click on the Settings icon and scroll down to click Switch to business.
  5. Then, you can add the necessary information to set up a free Instagram business profile that includes your business information.

Finally, once the setup is completed, you can invite your customers that you already have an active Instagram business page. Likewise, you can start posting content to your feed using relevant hashtags for people to be able to discover your business.