How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna beach must be some sort of mystery to you? Well, it wouldn’t be anymore when you read this article. Gokarna is a beach located in the northern part of Karnataka; the beach has five major beaches which have clean water, gentle waves, and amazing views. If you are a tourist and you need a place to go then I would gladly suggest Gokarna beach. How to plan Gokarna Beach Trek isn’t as difficult as most people see it. Anyways just continue reading this article to know how to plan a Gokarna beach trek.

How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek

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How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna beach is a very lovely place to visit and it even has more interesting places to visit. There are hills that add to the beauty of the beach and it even makes the beach a more interesting place to visit. These hills also add to the overall charm of Gokarna landscape. However, all of these make the beach open to the fun-filled Gokarna Beach trek.

The beach is so extravagant that people from all works of life seek harmony for culture, sanctuaries, and the lovely shorelines. If you are yet to visit this beach then I think you are missing out. When people hear treks, we assume lofty mountains or lush green hills. Trekking to Gokarna beach with your friends or colleagues can be very exciting as you will be able to create lots of fun memories for yourself.

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About the Gokarna Beach Trek

Trekking to Gokarna beach is very fun especially when you are with your friends, you have to trek so that you can get to the Beach Hopping in Gokarna. For those that do not know the routes to take, you don’t have to worry. You may start the trek from either the Kudle Beachside or paradise Beachside. The reason why you have to trek is so that you can cover all the major beaches of Gokarna on foot by crossing the hills standing in between these beaches.

Is Gokarna Beach Trek Difficult?

The problem that most people have about this beach is that they do not know How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek and they think it is difficult so they feel reluctant to embark on the trip. But I am glad to let you know that Gokarna Beach trek is an easy trek for an average person with basic fitness. If you are a person that exercises a lot then this beach trek should not be a problem at all. Since you are going to be trekking the sun might be a little bit harsh for you so ensure you apply sunscreen and be hydrated.

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Things to carry for Trek Gokarna Beach

If you want to know How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek then it means you have the intention of visiting the place. So if you are visiting the beach for more than just Gokarna Beach then you need to carry along with you some things. Let us take a look at them below.

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap, or any other personal items
  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Reusable plastic bag
  • Towel/Napkin

Normally, it is not necessary that you carry a lot of things while trekking since it is pretty hot in Gokarna. But nevertheless, these items are very important.

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