How to Get an SR-22 Without a Car

An SR-22 is a certificate that serves as the verification of insurance required by most states for drivers who are held accountable for serious traffic offenses. If ever you get held responsible for a consequential driving violation. You may be required to get an SR-22 to maintain your legal driver status. For this reason, you need to know how to get an SR-22 without a car.

How to Get an SR-22 Without a Car

You may no longer have a car after being held accountable for a serious traffic violation. Getting an SR-22 may be needed even without a vehicle. An SR-22 is also known as a non-owner SR-22 and it is offered by most car insurance companies. Luckily, getting an SR-22 without a car involves less effort for you. This is because your auto insurer handles the processing of your SR-22.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is not an insurance policy or coverage. It is an insurance verification form required most times after a policyholder is held accountable for significant traffic violations. The SR-22 form proves that you legally own the mandated amount of car insurance coverage required by the state. This form is required to identify drivers who can cause a higher level of risk on the road so they can be watched carefully. The state uses an SR-22 to make sure that high-risk drivers acquire the right level of car insurance coverage.

How to Get an SR-22 Without a Car

Before proceeding to get an SR-22 without a car. You need to ensure you meet the state’s mandated car insurance criteria of your state. Most states call an SR-22 a basic liability or minimum coverage. If you do not have a car and you need an SR-22, you need to find an insurance company that is willing to issue a non-owner minimum coverage car insurance. After getting this policy, get in touch with the car insurance company informing them that you need a non-owner SR-22. However, below are the steps to follow to get an SR-22 without a car.

  • You need to first be required by the state to get an SR-22.
  • Contact a auto insurance company that offers SR-22 if you do not have non-owner auto insurance.
  • Purchase a non-owner policy if you haven’t.
  • Contact your auto insurer that you will be filing a non-owner SR-22.
  • Make the necessary fees needed for filing and wait for the form.

If you are not required by the state to provide an SR-22, you cannot get this certificate from any auto insurance company.

Why do I need an SR22?

if you have been held accountable for a DUI or any significant traffic violation, you may be required to get an SR-22 form from your car insurer by the state. Drivers who have shown that they are high-risk drivers are mostly required to get an SR-22 form.

For instance, if your driving records demonstrate that you will likely cause financial damages with a car. Or you will not maintain the level of car insurance required legally, you may be considered a high-risk driver. In this case, you will need to file an SR-22 to prove you have the right amount of auto insurance required.

When do I need an SR-22 Without a Car?

The same instances that can lead to an SR-22 can also lead to the need for an SR-22 auto insurance without a vehicle. In cases where you are held accountable for a traffic violation while driving a car you do not own, can lead to getting a non-owner SR-22. You may also need an SR-22 without a car if your car is lost in the incident. Most drivers who do not personally own a car can rent one. The SR-22 insurance is made to handle situations like this.

What Does an SR-22 Cover?

An SR-22 generally contains all the information concerning your basic liability or minimum coverage. it confirms that you meet the state-mandated requirement for car insurance and that you do not hold car insurance coverage types that surpass the state’s requirements. Most states require only basic liability which can cover payments on the cost of others if you are the driver at fault after an accident. SR-22 confirms that you meet the minimum state-mandated car insurance coverage requirements.