How to Export Emails from Outlook – How do I Export Outlook Contacts

Exporting emails from outlook is something very easy to do due to the setup and programs the outlook program possesses inside. Some users are curently look for How to Export Emails from Outlook. The program is very important to all users of emails because it stores and manages contacts for all users of contacts. The managed contacts can be further exported or used by the program to send important messages.

How to Export Emails from Outlook - How do I Export Outlook Contacts

Outlook is very important when it comes to dealing with office programs, and other important work function that requires its services. Learning How to Export Emails from Outlook help in moving your contact to other platforms. The program does not just do all these things, but also performs it better than other programs that take up the same task as the outlook program. This made the outlook program much better than the others and also much preferred to the other program.

Exporting Contact

Exporting contacts being one of the most used parts of the outlook program has contributed greatly to the outlook program’s success as most users of the program use the program to export email. The contacts exported from outlook are grouped to make contact selection easier and faster. Also the program possesses so many other interesting features about email and exporting of email. You might not discover these interesting features until you start using the program regularly.

Exporting email from outlook is possible with the aid of an import and export wizard this wizard program has also played an important role in the systems programming, as it makes importing and exporting emails easier than doing it in another program. The import and export wizard is very helpful in exporting PST and CSV files to another program that requires it.

How to Export Emails from Outlook

In other to known How to Export Emails from Outlook is very important to people who are just opening an email account for the first time, because it help reduce the stress of creating a brand new pack of email, and  because all you have to do is to export the email you have on your outlook account to your email account. The emails can also be exported elsewhere, as long as the program you are exporting the email to have the ability to import emails. Steps toward exporting emails are as follows:

  • First open the outlook program and then click files
  • Click open and then click import
  • Select export to a file and then click the next icon located below
  • Select outlook data file (.pst) and then click next
  • Click the first folder, include sub folder and then click next
  • Tap browse, select location and a name for the folder and then click OK
  • Click finish

After that, a password box will open, live all the space blank and then click ok. And that is how to Export Emails from Outlook.