Hotmail Sign in Hotmail Account – How to Sign in to Microsoft Account

Hotmail Sign in Hotmail Account helps new users to send and receive email messages. A long time ago the email server known as Hotmail made a clear declaration on rebranding it features into a new interface. With the new interface put into place to change the name from Hotmail to Outlook. This has been a focused debate on how old users of the Hotmail account can sign in to their email account. These are old users who have sign up for an account before the change in the name. Million and millions of users conduct the search on how to access their Hotmail account that they have signed up for before the change of name.

Hotmail Sign in Hotmail Account - How to Sign in to Microsoft Account

Hotmail sign in is also referred to as outlook sign in for users who have sign up previously. They can access their account Aside from the normal way they use in accessing the email platform to send and receives emails. Outlook enables, users, to access amazing features like calendar, task, Skype and more. Also, constant sign in helps prevents your Hotmail account from being scammed and deleted from the email server. This is part of the terms and condition for email users with inactive email account. So, therefore, with the guide below you can discover how to access the Hotmail sign in Hotmail account on various platforms.

Hotmail Sign In Hotmail Account Using a Desktop PC

The free email service provider offers users a secure and reliable way to access their accounts using the web platform.  Through the desktop requires a web browser, password, and email address or phone number. Above all, you need a secure network connection to sign in your account with the following steps.

  • First of all, launch the web browser to access web address.
  • Don’t be surprised once you access the URL, it will redirect you to to sign in.
  • At the upper right corner of the page locate the “sign in” icon to direct you to Hotmail sign in page.
  • Then enter your username or phone number and password.

Finally, after confirming your password, you can then click the “sign in” icon. This will take you to your main account page. Whereby allowing you have access to your Account, folder, and more. Also, you can access the Microsoft Hotmail desktop app by clicking on the search bar. Type in the keyword outlook and sign in to your account.

Hotmail Sign In on Mobile Device

It even better using the mobile phone than on desktops. This provides you with more effective ways to access your account at your own convenient time. Note that Hotmail makes use of the outlook app in order to access your email account using a mobile app. This implies that, for you to sign in to your account, you must install outlook app on your devices.

To download and sign in the app visit Google play store/android device or apple store/iOS devices. Then use the installation procedure to have the app on your devices by searching for “outlook app”. Afterward, you can click on “get started” and enter your Hotmail account sign-in credentials. In conclusion, with the following guide, you can easily understand the sign in procedures on other email servers.