Emails are the driving focus of communication that actually goes a very long distance with the aid of the internet. Back in the days was the use of letter writing which is now developed into hundreds of email servers. The fascinating aspect is that the recipient doesn’t need to be online for you to send an email. With Hotmail been an email service provider, this gives users the ability to send and receive email messages. Hotmail email login is an access point for users who already have an account to gain access to their account.

Hotmail Email Login - How to Login to your Hotmail Account

Users can log in to their account using their login credentials to access their mail inbox. The Hotmail Email login is an online access procedure done by users who have a Hotmail account. It is also for marketing purposes depending on what activity you use your email for. Above all, the login process doesn’t differ from other email service providers. Considering the Email Login platform. You must be an exclusive member with login credentials which include an email address or phone number and password. Below outlines is the step by step to Hotmail email login procedures on various platforms.

Hotmail Email Login Using the Web Browser

In order to aces your email account, you must ensure that the internet connection is active. Therefore use a web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer and also Safari. below are the steps on Hotmail Email login process.

  • Open any of the web browsers you prefer and then open a new tab.
  • Then enter on the address bar to access the page. It will redirect you to which is also the same as the web platform.
  • Then click on “sign in” that appears in the middle of the homepage which brings you to the login page.
  • Enter your Hotmail email address or phone number associated with your account and click next.
  • Then input the password to your account and just click “sign in” icon.

Note that if you don’t want to always go through this process every time you want to access your account. Therefore you can just click the option “keep me signed in” and this will keep you remembered on the account whenever you want to access your account.

Hotmail Email Login via Mobile App

The Hotmail email app has been excellent on mobile phones such as Android and iOS devices. With this, you can quickly find out who is trying to access your account. Plus you have quick access to the mailbox at a convenient spot. Therefore we recommend you visit Google play store for android or apple store for iOS devices to use it as a primary mail app.

Note to download the app requires a search function and name. Therefore on the search bar type Microsoft outlook to install the app. Afterward, open the outlook application and click get started. Also, click on add account and enter your Hotmail Email Login credentials. With that, you can visit the inbox you have been waiting for.