Update Hotmail Email Address to Outlook and Hotmail Login Email
On the contrary ever since the recent development of letter delivery into the new interface of email platform. With hundreds of email servers available on the internet right now offering users a free email platform. Millions and millions of people around the world seem to acquire multiple email addresses.

Hotmail Email Address - Update Hotmail Login Email to Outlook

It’s not surprising if you have an email address from the following services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail but not the Hotmail email address. The email is a unique ID acquires by users for an email account. At first, the email address is used to send and receive mail to friends and family.

Therefore each user is assigned to a different form of email address typically in form of username@hotmail.com. Hotmail email address allows you to register with social media account that requires an email. The email server’s address is a popular webmail server on the internet.

How to Acquire a New Hotmail Email Address

Note that getting the Hotmail email address not only assigned you with an email address. But, offers you a great feature to access Microsoft services such as Microsoft Store, Office 365, and also the Hotmail account. When you are ready to get a free Email address, use the following steps.

  • Open a web browser in order to access www.hotmail.com on the internet connecting devices and click the enter key.
  • Select the option “create free account” on the middle of the homepage.
  • Create a new email address by using a unique username for your account and on the drop-down arrow click on Next.
  • Then create a safe and strong password that’s difficult to guess.
  • Enter your first and last name for a clear verification.
  • Then choose your country or region on the field provided and also your birthdate.

In other to get used to your new email address, enter the character display on the page and click next. Finally, you are now open to a new Hotmail email address. Hence your email address will be the first mail in your mail inbox.

How to Update Hotmail Login Email to Outlook.com

Recently, Microsoft upgraded it email server to a new structure and domain name known as Outlook. Therefore relocating all Hotmail users to the new structures but still using the same Hotmail Login Email to Login in. however, if you want to change your Hotmail email address follow the below procedures.

  • Login your email account using the above link and sign in your credentials.
  • At the right top corner of the page click the Gear(setting) icon.
  • Then select more mail setting to access the account management.
  • Under managing your account sections and select account details or rename email address.
  • Then locate the update Hotmail email address on the account summary section.

Therefore once you access the option, you can then update your Hotmail email address to the new outlook.com account. Afterward, you can use the email address to log in to your account with the recent password.