The mail service world has played a vital row in our present day generation. Thus making users have a pleasant experience when using their mail account. Particularly we are going to be discussing the Hotmail Email Account, which can be call Outlook Email Account as well. Whichever way it’s called it means the same.

Hotmail Email Account – How to Create a Hotmail Email Account

So talking about email services. The Hotmail Email Account is an account that enables users who already have an account in Hotmail or outlook mail, as we earlier said users have access to enjoy all the amazing features that can be found in the Hotmail email platform. For users who don’t have an account on the Hotmail service platform and wish to, in other to enjoy Hotmail features, can do so by logging into the URL com

Hotmail Email Account -Steps to Follow

For users who want to acquire the Hotmail email account should enter the URL  which will open the outlook page. Just as said before that the Hotmail and outlook email platforms are both the same.

  • Click on the create account which is located at the top right corner of the outlook first page.
  • The next page appears which is a Microsoft mini page. Providing a caption for the user to create a new account. Type in preferred username address then clicks on next.
  • Next is for the user to create a desirable password. This must contain at least eight characters and at least two upper or lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. If the password is accepted user should then click on next at the bottom.
  • After that, the user is then required to fill in some personal details to set up the account like full names and so on.
  • Users are still expected to fill in their country/region and date of birth.
  • The next page, the user will be asked to enter some words displayed on the screen. To verify if it’s a user creating the account, and not a robot.

 Steps to Follow in – Setting Up Your Account

After those steps are completed, the user Hotmail or outlook mail account is created. The user is expected to make some few setup processes of his or her account. Like language and time zone, theme if the user wishes to use one. There is still a page where outlook will ask the user to make a signature. This is simple and not compulsory so the user should not panic of how to go about it, there are options already placed at the right side of the page for users to choose from like business, default, custom and off.

Users can still create their own signature if they wish to; there is a provision for that. After all, this setup steps click on the arrow key showing on the screen, an uploading bar appears and boots up. When loading is completed, a welcome page appears to tell the new user he or she is set to use his or her account. The user’s email address is displayed at the bottom of the page. Which the user can use in signing to their Hotmail or outlook mail account, for checking of emails, uploading files and even to sign into other Microsoft apps.