Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Lawn Mower

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Lawn Mower – In recent times, lawn mower accidents have become more common than you can ever imagine. According to our research, there are over 80,000 lawn mower-related injuries reported to the United States emergency departments each year.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Lawn Mower

If one of those lawn mower accidents happens in my home, will my homeowner’s insurance cover the damage? Well, if you are worried about this, you are welcome to the right article for you.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Lawn Mower

Firstly, if someone who lives in your home gets injured by a lawn mower, your liability insurance may not cover the medical expenses. And if your mower gets damaged by an event that is not listed in your policy. You won’t be reimbursed for replacing or repairing it.

However, your homeowners insurance can help with some types of lawn mower accidents. Here are some of the ways your home insurance covers lawn mower accidents.

  • Personal property: The lawnmower is your personal property, so it will be protected under the personal property section of the policy. This means you can get reimbursed for replacements or repairs to the mower. If it gets damaged by one of the perils listed in your policy.
  • Liability: The liability coverage in your policy will pay for legal and medical expenses if a person who doesn’t live in your home gets injured on your property and ends up suing you or needs to go to the hospital. This includes if they get hurt while.
  • Dwelling and other structures: This coverage will kick in if the lawnmower damages your home, fence, shed, or other structures on your property.

Always keep in mind that there are certain cases when lawnmower accidents may not be covered by your homeowners insurance. For instance, general wear and tear may not be a covered peril.

If it gives out from old age, your insurer won’t be able to help you. However, if it gets stolen from your garage, damaged in a fire, or is in another covered peril, your policy will kick in. Ensure that you read your policy well to know which perils it covers. So that you can make a claim and your insurer can pay for replacements or repairs up to your policy limit.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Another Person Using My Lawn Mower?

In general, your homeowners insurance only covers other people’s injuries while using your lawn mower. This means it won’t cover injuries to you and your family members. It will help pay for the medical bills of someone else using the lawn mower if they decide to sue you or need to go to the hospital.

However, your standard homeowners insurance may not offer enough liability coverage. Because most policies typically come with $100,000 of liability coverage, So, if you are going to have other people mowing your lawn, it is advisable to increase your liability insurance.

Commercial Lawnmower Insurance for Lawn Care Professionals

What if I hire a professional landscaping business to mow my lawn and one of the workers gets injured while on my property? Who will be responsible for the medical or legal expenses? Well, if this is the case, you don’t need to worry. Your homeowners insurance will typically cover contractors under your liability coverage.

However, you should hire a lawn company that has business insurance. Their business insurance will cover the damage they do to your property, any equipment malfunctions, and any workers who get injured. Ensure that you ask for insurance proof before letting contractors or landscapers work on your property. Be careful of contractors who charge very little, as they may not have insurance.

How can I put Insurance on a Lawn Mower?

Just as you have seen, you don’t need to put any extra insurance on your lawnmower. It is typically covered by your standard homeowners insurance. However, if you want to increase insurance coverage for your mower, you can add endorsements to the policy. This endorsement includes umbrella insurance, scheduled property insurance, and blanket insurance.

No matter how hard you try, accidents can happen at any time. But with enough coverage, you don’t have to worry about anything. With this information, you now know how home insurance works for lawnmowers in case something happens.