Hogmanay – Edinburgh Hogmanay 2022 | Hogmanay Meaning

What is Hogmanay? Hogmanay is the big night that marks the arrival of the New Year. It is a Scottish word for the last day of the year. Although it is called a ‘big night’ the festivities are not limited to one year. The celebration of Hogmanay usually continues into New Year’s Day and even to January 2 which is called Bank holiday in Scotland. Like we all know that Scotland has its unique sets of traditions when it comes to New Year’s Day and New Year Eve festivities. Hogmanay is a big day that one shouldn’t miss in Scotland.

First footing is one of the traditional parts of the Hogmanay celebration in Scotland, although people don’t do it like before because of the covid 19 restrictions. It is still very much known; the first footing is when you visit friends and family immediately after midnight in order to become the first one to visit them in their houses in the New Year. Like it was stated earlier Hogmanay is a very big celebration, so lots of food and drinks are available on this day. Friends and family spend the Hogmanay together and make it a lively one every year.

Where Does the Name Hogmanay Come From?

Although Hogmanay is a big day and celebration, the origin of the name Hogmanay is not really clear. However, there are some theories as to where the name came from. Some people believe the word like many of today’s traditions came from Viking influences. It can also be the Scandinavian word for the feast preceding Yule (the celebration of passing the shortest day) was hoggo –nott according to rampant Scotland. Also, the Flemish phrase “hoog min dag” means a great love day prompting some to suggest it came from Netherlands and Belgium. Many people claim it came from the fresh Homme est ne meaning man is born.

What Do Scottish Do to Celebrate Hogmanay?

Just like I said above ‘’ first footing is one of the best ways to celebrate Hogmanay. It is the idea of welcoming the first visitor of the year. And the individual must have gifts with him like whiskey and shortbread. However, in order to bring good luck, the visitor must be very handsome and dark. They believe that blond strangers arriving at the door is a bad omen. The strongest and the most central tradition of Hogmanay in modern-day Scotland is having parties and welcoming old friends and strangers. As we all know that Scotland is a very lively place, they are always fireworks and concerts during the Hogmanay. The modern-day Scotland celebration of Hogmanay is a very interesting one, more than the ancient day ones.

The Scots visit their neighbors and friends to share drinks and food with them on Hogmanay. Hogmanay is a very interesting day for Scots more than Christmas day. It is days to be very happy and enjoy the holiday