Google Voice – Place And Receive Calls From Anywhere | Google Speak

What is Google Voice and how does it work? It is a free service that lets you communicate with people and save a lot of phone numbers. It allows you to talk to Google when you want to search for something on google you don’t have to type. All you have to do is speak to Google about it through Google Voice. You can even set up a Google Voice account on your phone or system. Do you want to know more about it? Have you been looking forward to accessing Google Speak? Well, in this article I will teach you how to? However, after you set up an account or sign it and begin to send and receive calls and send text messages.

Google Voice - Place And Receive Calls From Anywhere | Google Speak

Mostly, you hear people saying they want to search for something on Google. And then you see them talk to Google. Well, it’s possible through Google Voice. You don’t need to type anymore because it makes it easier and faster to use. Google Voice was founded in 2009, when someone calls your Google Voice number, every device linked to your Google Voice account will ring out. Gvoice protects your personal information so you now know that it is safe to use. Just as having your normal phone number you can make Google Voice your second number. It gives you a different public number for calling and texting.

How to Set up Google Voice on Your Mobile Phone or System

Setting up a Google Voice on your phone or system makes work easier. Gvoice allows you to make calls and receive calls easily. It provides security for your phone or system. It prevents hackers and online trouble makers from getting your personal information. Some steps to follow are listed below;

  • Download the Google Speak app through App Store or Play Store or visit the website
  • Log into your google account if you have an account already
  • Enter your area or city code in the google voice text box
  • Select a phone number
  • Then verify you existing number

You have successfully set up a Google Speak to your system or smartphone. When you want to use Google Speak, go to google click on Google Voice and say “hey google” that’s how. Note: when you are making a call on Google Speak, a number that is not your phone number or the number of the call or the person your calling will show. The numbers are used to send voice calls

How to Use Google Voice Number for Calls

Aside from the normal Google Voice that you use on Google search, there are steps to make calls on Google voice. These steps are;

  • Go to the Voice app or website
  • Tap menu setting
  • Click on calls started from this device
  • Enter when to use google voice for calls
  • Select when to use driving mode

Now you know how to use it, use Google Speak today so you can also enjoy a fast call-making and receiving website or app.