Google Scholar is a free web search machine that guides and indicates the complete test of scholar composition across an arrangement of issuing formats and regulations. It is owned by Google and it was created by Alex Verstak. Google Scholar was launched on November 20, 2004. Google Scholar makes it easy to vastly search for scholarly compositions or literature and also search for sources and disciplines such as theses, articles, etc.

Google Scholar - Search For Scholarly Literature | Google Scholar Login

Furthermore, Google Scholar guides and clues are based on most viewed online academic newsletters, magazines, books, preprints, theses, etc. It makes use of a web robot to recognize and identify files for introduction in the search results. Google Scholar gives its users the opportunity to browse for physical or digital copies of articles in libraries or online. Google Scholar is also very efficient when it comes to searches across a large number of databases and it is also a popular way to show your papers commendation and awards they have received.

Features of Google Scholar

Google Scholar has amazing features which make the use of the app very comfortable and efficient. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Google Journal allows you to explore and discover related authors, publications, quotation and works.
  • G Scholar keep you updated on recent or latest developments in any aspect of your search.
  • You can also have eyes on those who have or is checking out your broadcasts.
  • G Scholar helps you find the location of perfect and finished document through the web or library.

Also, with Google Journal, you can comfortably and efficiently search all scholarly compositions or literature from a single convenient place and location.

What Can I Use G Scholar to Do?

With Google Scholar, your academic searches are now made easy and fast. You can rely on G Scholar with updates on articles and newsletters based on scholarly composition. 

How Are Documents Ranked on Google Scholar?

Documents on Google Scholar are ranked based on the following factors which include; where they were published, who wrote it, how often it is viewed, and the weight of the full content of each document.

How Does G Scholar Help Students?

Google Scholar is extremely fast and easy to use. It is also 100% reliable. The app also provided a “cited by” feature and it finds and locates open access journals. Google Journal also finds science and technology articles. It also provides library links and locates legit documents. G Scholar helps students in the academic aspect. Students can search for articles based on scholarly literature.

Google Scholar Login

Are you signing in to Google Scholar as a new user? Well, this is the right article for you. Signing in to Google Scholar is very easy to achieve. Before you proceed, you should have a google account first before you can be able to proceed. If you don’t, create one before you proceed. Follow these steps to proceed:

  • Visit the Google Scholar website on your web browser.
  • Once the website opens, click on the three lined icon at left hand side of the screen.
  •  Then click on “My profile”.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter in your affiliation, email for verification, area of interest and homepage which is optional. Then click “Next”.
  • Select your articles.

Follow the instructions to complete the requirement for the account. When you successfully open your account, you have access to academic articles.