Google Nest Smart Speaker

With just a single voice command to your Google Nest Smart Speaker, you get the Google Assistant to do your bidding. These biddings include; traffic reports, calling up your favorite podcasts, and audio books, getting weather, news, and traffic reports, controlling other devices, and even viewing video in some cases. Whether you need Google to find a recipe for your favorite food or blast your favorite food, the Google Nest smart speaker is the right one for your needs.

Google Nest Smart Speaker

Just so you know Google’s entire physical smart home devices including the displays and speaker are all under the Nest brand. And for you to make use of these speakers in your home, you need the Google Home app for installation and control.  We can’t talk about these speakers without speaking about the fact that they have cameras and microphones.

Furthermore, the smart home speaker line includes; Home Mini, Nest Hub, Google Home, Home Max first and second generation, Nest Audio, Next Hub Max, and Nest Mini.  The entire speaker line has core abilities to do different biddings including streaming audio and voice commands. You can make use of the same app and they are compatible with the same smart devices.

Google Nest Smart Speaker Features

Here are some of the features of the Google Nest Smart Speakers. Check them out;

  • Streaming Services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube
  • Compatible with all smart devices
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Google Assistant
  • Recipe content, sleep tracking, setting up alarms, calling Uber, and many more.
  • In different colors such as Charcoal, Sky blue, Coral, orange and more.
  • Google Home App
  • Use Set up

The Google Home speakers have these above-listed features and many more. Also, keep in mind that, all of the speakers do not have the same features. So, their features and capabilities will depend on the type of feature.

Google Nest Smart Speaker Setup and Use

The entire Nest speakers make use of the Google Home application for the installation process. Make use of the guide in the box to go through the installation process without any stress or difficulties. You can also contact a Nest professional to help you with the setup if you don’t want to through it yourself. The pro helps you with the setup process and also helps you with any difficulties you have with the speaker.

Best Google Nest Smart Speaker For 2024

There are lots of Google Home speakers in the market today and it can be very difficult to choose the perfect one for your home. However, we have tested out the Google products and complied for you according to their features and capabilities;

Google Nest Audio

Compared to other Nest smart speakers, Next Audio’s sound quality is a clear step. It provides an amazing experience overall. This speaker responds to voice commands very fact and can easily pull from music services such as Apple Music, Deezer, and Pandora.

With the help of the home application, it can also connect with the iHeartRadio. One good thing about this smart speaker is that you can pair it with another Nest Audio to produce stereo air. This product is very easy to set up with the help of the home app. Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Home Depot sell at $100.

Google Nest Mini Second Generation

If you want an inexpensive starting point, Google Nest Mini Second Generation is a good one. With it, you can easily add Google Assistant to your office or home. This speaker provides nearly all the features of the Net product even though it is cheaper. Some of its features include; streaming music, asking different questions from Google Assistant, and controlling different smart home devices.

With a 1.7-inch height and 3.9-inch diameter, it is very easy to put on a shelf, countertop or console. For its very small size, this speaker is surprisingly loud and a good one for its price.  Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Walmart sell for a starting price of $49.

Google Nest Hub Max

This Google Nest speaker with a camera is good for video calls and kitchen.  It’s built-in software and 10-inch display are perfect for showing follow along recipes. . It has a wide range of features and abilities compared to an audio-only smart speaker. And this is thanks to its 6.5-megapixel camera and 10-inch Touchscreen.  The air quality index and current weather updates are displayed on the screen all the time. You can also customize it to show your calendar, stream video content, and digital frame through Google Photos or display video feeds from your smart security camera. It sells at Lowe’s and Best Buy for a starting price of $229.

Google Nest Hub Second-Generation

This Google Nest speaker is perfect for users who want a smart display for privacy. It can also be recommended for someone who wants a speaker in a sensitive room. Just like the Echo Show 5, Google Next Hub Second Generation has a very small screen than every of its lines. It uses the same Google apps, gesture control, and Ambient EQ just like the Next Hub Max. I think this speaker is mainly designed for people who do not like inconspicuous displays.  Buy at Home Depot, Best Buy or Lowe’s.

Just so you know, most of these speakers come with cameras and microphones. So if you worry about security and privacy, these Nest products might not be for you. These speakers are designed to listen to your voice commands and respond to you.  And they are what make the speakers very special and unique. So, there is nothing the speakers can do without it.

Although there have been a lot of complaints about privacy to Google about the speakers, there are not much changes made about it. Purchase today at the retail stores closer to you and enjoy a home filled with smart devices. With these smart devices, you can control your home entertainment with your Smartphone.