Google Home Plugs

Which Smart Plugs can link up with Google Home? Smart home gadgets come in different types and designs – from TVs to speakers light bulbs and coffee makers. But swapping out all your traditional devices for smart ones might be a bit much. The good news is that you don’t have to. With just smart plugs, you can turn any of your old appliances into a smart one, all controllable with Google Home.

Google Home Plugs

Sure, the market’s flooded with smart home gadgets, but not every smart plug plays nice with Google Home. To save you the headache and stress, we’ve done the digging. We’ve gone through the options, tested them out, and handpicked the best smart plugs that team up seamlessly with Google Home and Assistant. Making the switch right now? We’ve got you covered.

6 Best Google Home Plugs

With the help of smart plugs, you can keep your home connected to your Smartphone. Not only will you get to control your gadgets remotely, but you can also set a schedule for when you want them to work with your phone. Below are some of the best Smart plugs that work with Google Home and Assistant.

Leviton D215P-2RW

Straight out of the box, we were very impressed with the Leviton D215P-2RW smart plug. Its design is very sleek, and it has a standout feature for a smart plug. What caught our eye is the nifty corner window that serves as both a button for manual control and an indicator light. And this is a combo most smart plugs don’t offer. Also, it’s slimmer than the other smart plugs, a bonus for tight spaces in your home.

Beyond the looks and design, setting up the Leviton smart plug was a breeze, and the app is refreshingly straightforward and user-friendly. The home screen neatly shows all connected plugs (or other Leviton smart devices) and their status.  Allowing easy toggling with a simple tap on your Phone. Creating a schedule for the plug was very easy too, thanks to its intuitive setup.

Emporia Smart Plug (x4)

These smart plugs offer a hassle-free setup by providing real-time energy monitoring data, all for the affordable price of E12 per plug. They are an excellent choice for budget-friendly multipack options. While the brand’s app may not be visually striking and user-friendly, it efficiently displays energy information at a glance. With the ability to schedule specific times and events, these plugs offer flexibility and convenience at your fingertip

The setup process is quick; no separate hub is required to connect these plugs to your home Wi-Fi. Control is easily managed through the manufacturer Emporia app, and voice commands on the Google Home app add to the user-friendly experience. The entire setup process, including pairing with software updates and connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, can be completed in just a breeze. Purchase these smart plugs on Amazon for E38, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective solution for your smart home setup.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini has undergone testing in the past. And before we explored the Leviton smart plug, it held the position as the best overall choice. Although it maintains its excellence with a compact and space-saving design, it falls short in charm and compatibility, losing its position as the “best overall.”

This intelligent device operates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa over your Wi-Fi network. The Kasa app, available on both Android and iOS, presents detailed options, allowing you to tailor schedules, activate away modes, and set timers without stress.

HBN Smart Plug

HBN Smart Plug provides a unique two-for-one deal with its dual independently controlled outlets. Despite having an extra outlet, this smart plug maintains a compact design, allowing you to plug in other devices above or below without taking up space. The potential uses for a dual smart plug are diverse, but imagining scenarios like connecting Christmas tree lights to one outlet and a corner lamp to the other immediately comes to mind. We plugged in the light fixture and a fan, and the ability to independently control either is quite handy.

The HBN app is very similar to the user-friendly simplicity of the Leviton app. I can effortlessly toggle either switch on or off using the app or voice commands through Alexa or Google. Each outlet is customizable with a unique name, enabling you to control a single outlet using your voice command. For example “Alexa, turn off Switch 2,” or manage both outlets simultaneously by referring to the device name. Furthermore, you can make up distinct schedules for each outlet. Once again, it’s a pretty neat setup.

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is a very good choice, which seamlessly integrates with Apple’s HomeKit while maintaining excellent compatibility with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. Its compact design doesn’t compromise functionality; by allowing easy schedule setups within the home app. Connecting to Wi-Fi is very important, eliminating the need for a hub. As mentioned earlier, it smoothly cooperates with various popular virtual assistants. Control is at your fingertips through its dedicated manufacturer app and IFTTT, providing a straightforward and efficient smart home experience and convenience.

Tapo Smart Plug Mini Top of Form

 Top of Form

Tapo Smart Plug Mini stands out as an early adopter of the latest standard. By integrating seamlessly with popular smart home ecosystems such as Google Home, Apple Home Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Echo. This makes it a perfect choice for centralizing control of all your home devices. Its compact design makes sure that unobstructed access to the second outlet. Setting up and installing the Tapo Smart Plug Mini is a straightforward process, and the accompanying app adds security features like managing trusted devices and enabling two-factor authentication. And guaranteeing a hassle-free and secure smart home experience for you.

Why should I use a smart plug?

Smart plugs are the best and easiest way to add smart tech to your nonsmart devices such as fans, lamps, and nightlights.  With the help of smart plugs, you will have control over your plugged-in devices through your phone using your voice when paired with Google Home. When you want to purchase smart plugs for your Google Home setup, you need to know if the plug is compatible with it. You can check online or on the box if the plug is compatible with Google Voice Assistant. Top of Form