Google Fit – Track Your Health And Fitness

Google Fit is a health-scrutiny software developed by Google. It helps users to track their health activity and achieve their fitness goals from their mobile device or smartwatch.  

Google Fit - Track Your Health And Fitness
Google Fit – Track Your Health And Fitness

Google Fit makes use of sensors in a user’s mobile device or activity to record physical fitness activities (such as cycling, walking, etc.), which are measured against the user’s fitness to provide a comprehensive view of their fitness.

It is a fitness app made for the rest of us. Google Fitness isn’t the kind of app that doubles as a social network or provides a weekly fitness challenge. Instead, it focuses on simplicity and doing a few things very well.

Furthermore, Google Fit also acts as a hub for all your health and fitness data gathered for some popular apps and devices. Let’s say, for example, you use a Nest Hub 2nd generation for sleep tracking, a worn watch for day-to-day activity, and a Polar watch for tracking exercises.

You can connect all the devices to Google Fit and see all your health information in one place. To begin using Google Fit, simply download the app from Google Play or the App Store to your device. The Google Fit app is very easy to download on compatible devices.

Google Fit App Features

Let’s talk about the features of the Google Fitness Tracker. The app has a lot of features for all users to enjoy. Knowing about the features lets you know what the Google Fit app really does. Below are some of the features. Check them out;

  • Connect with your favorite devices and apps.
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of your health.
  • Track your workouts from your watch or smartphone.
  • Google Calendar integration.
  • Dark mode.

Download the Google Fitness app today and enjoy all of these features and more. Just like I have said above, the app is very easy and simple to download.

What Does Google Fit Track?

Like other fitness apps, the Google Fitness app can track various fitness and health metrics. Below are the basics. Check them out;

  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Steps
  • Move Minutes
  • Elevation
  • Heart point

It will show you your sleep data if you have a compatible sleep tracker and can also show you your blood pressure and weight, though the metrics need to be added manually to the app. Heart rate data can also be recorded in Google Fitness Tracker just by placing your finger on the phone camera sensor.

Which Apps Work With Google Fit?

There are so many reasons you may want to connect the Google Fitness app with other apps. Let’s say you use a Garmin device for tracking your workout through an app like Strava. If you connect your Google Fit account to Strava, your fitness information will automatically transfer to Google Fit. Nevertheless, below are some of the most popular Google Fitness Tracker compatible apps:

  • Lose It
  • Lose Weight at home
  • Map my Fitness
  • Wahoo Elemnt
  • Wahoo Fitness
  • Zepp
  • Walgreens
  • Strava
  • Sony SmertBand Talk SWR30
  • VeryFitPro
  • 8fit
  • Adidas Running
  • AlFit
  • Calm
  • BodySpace
  • MindBody
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Monitor Your Weight
  • Noom
  • Oura
  • Sleep As Android
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Headspace
  • Jefit
  • Health Sync
  • HealthifyMe
  • Freeletics
  • Daily Yoga
  • FittoFit
  • Withings Health Mate
  • LG Health
  • Calm
  • Realme Link
  • Renpho
  • Pokewalk

You can check online for more compatible app options. Google Fit will make all your day-to-day activities very easy and, at the same time, fun.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Google Fitness App?

Many health and fitness devices are compatible with the Google Fitness Tracker, and most of them are Wear OS smartwatches. It is the default fitness app for Wear OS devices unless a company includes its fitness app.

So, you should expect to use the Google Fitness Tracker if you pick up a Wear OS smartwatch. However, other non-Wear OS devices work well with Google Fit too, though there are fewer of them. Below are our favorite Google Fitness Tracker compatible devices.

  • Withings Body Cardio, Body and Body Plus
  • All polar fitness watches
  • Withings Scanwatch, Movie, and Move ECG
  • Eufy Smart Scale, Smart Scale P1, and Smart Scale C1
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5, Mi Band 4 and Mi Band3

If you have a Fitbit device and would like your fitness data transferred to Google Fit, there is a third-party app for that, but there is no official way to connect your accounts from the Fitbit app itself. However, we expect this to change in the future, as Fitbit is now owned by Google.

How to Download the Google Fit App

Downloading the Google Fitness app is very easy and simple, just as I have mentioned many times. Just make sure you have a stable connection when downloading the app. Once you have that, you are good to go. Just follow the below guidelines and you will be done in a few seconds.

  • Launch the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device.
  • On the homepage, make use of the search bar to search for “Google Fit.”
  • If you are using the Google Play Store, click on “Install” or “Download.”
  • And for the App Store, click on “Get” and install.

With the above, you have successfully downloaded the Google Fitness Tracker on your device. Now you can make use of it for your purpose.

After downloading the app, you have to sign in with your Google account. Once you tell the app about yourself (date of birth, gender, weight, and height) and you will need to set up your activity goals. Google Fit makes use of your step count as your main daily goal, in addition to Heart points, which are scored when your heart is pumping with a higher intensity activity.