Google Classroom – How to Use Google Classroom | Google Class

Google classroom is a free web and application service, which was created by Google to educate student on social platform. The Google classroom has a lot of benefit why it was created, to help teacher and their student in process of sharing files between themselves. Using this platform help teacher keep standard organization and also help in good communication with their student. Using the Google classroom web service is free, no form of payment or submitting identity. You can access the site with any of your mobile devices, or you can also download the app to your mobile devices.

Google Classroom - How to Use Google Classroom | Google Class

The Google classroom is mostly used in education aspect and school, and it’s a standard level for education your student in other forms, which make all educational easy and simpler for teacher and student in terms of teaching and transferring assignment to each other. You can also use it to create your assignment and distribute them because it is connected to the Google Drive. You can invite your student to join the class through the private code, or you can also automatically import them from the school platform. With the help of this site, you can create your class a separate folder from the respective user’s drives where your student can submit their assignment grade by the teacher.

How to Join the Class as a Student on the Google Classroom

To join the classroom is simple, but you need to create an account first before you can be able to join the classroom and see what is going on. Here are the steps to join the classroom in this article.

  • You can join with the Class code. You need to request the class code for your teacher or School organization. Once you are given the class code you will be able to join the Google classroom.
  • You can also join by accepting the invitation sent to you by your teacher or school authority. Once it was sent to you will see JOIN the class card on the homepage of the platform, and then accept it.

How to Access the Google Classroom Site | Google Classroom Sign in

Accessing the Google classroom site is very easy through the google classroom sign in portal. Once you know how to access it then you will be able to join the class or create your classroom platform from it. Here in this article are some steps you need to follow.

  • Turn on your operating device DATA connection.
  • Then make sure you login in your Gmail account on your devise if you have. But if not you need to create a Gmail account before you will be able to create an account.
  • Visit your device browser and visit the URL
  • You will be asked to continue with your gmail or sign in your Gmail account.
  • You will be taken to the main site, locate the + icon at the top of the page and click on it.
  • Then input your class code or create class.

Then you will be able to access the class when you are able to provide the class code and input it inside. If you are just starting you can make use of the create class to create an account for your class. A message will be sent to you on your Gmail account with the code your student will be using to join the group.

How to download the Google classroom APK on your mobile phone

You can download it on any of your mobile devices such as your IOS, Android, iPods, and others.

  • Open your devices Play store or Apple store.
  • Make use of the search located on the platform to search for the Google classroom App.
  • Click on it if found to download and install on your device.

You have now successfully downloaded the APK on your device. Go to your devices homepage to lunch the app you just downloaded, and start making use of it with your student or as for student join your classroom to start learning more.