Google Assistance on Pixel 4 – Google Assistance

Most of us that are fans of the Google Pixel won’t want to waste for a longer time for the release of the Google Pixel 4. However, there are different series of Google Pixel and the latest inventory is Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices. But as of today, the introduction of the Google Pixel 4 comes with greater compatibility and high performances with the upgrade Google Assistance on Pixel 4. The release of the Google Pixel 4 was introduced during the I/O 2019 keynote.

Google Assistance on Pixel 4 - Google Assistance

Furthermore, during the I/O 2019 keynote, press conferences were showcase whereby introducing the next generation assistance on how communication can be made earlier which has made it a laughing stock on the next generation of the Pixel phones. During the conference a review of how the New Google Assistance which will be debut on Pixel 4 provides more interact means of booking schedules. However, you can take a quick view of how the Google Assistant on Pixel 4 works.

Review on the Next Generation of the Google Assistance of Pixel 4 Based on How it Works

Just recently Google has finally integrated an upgrading feature that allows users on the Google Pixel to update to the Android 10 operating system. Unfortunately, even as upgrading to the Android 100, it’s not still accessible on others Pixel except the Pixel 4. Due to fact, there’s not enough space in the navigation bar in other to integrate the transcript command. However, Google has been experimenting lastly over many years based on the A/B on other devices. the Google Assistance of Pixel 4 is designed with an Assistant Update feed at the left side of the screen which comes with an opening keyboard. 

Just like the normal Google assistance but far better, you can say “Hey Google’ or press the Active Edge. Then you will see a Google-colored bat light appears on the screen and them meet at the bottom. Afterward, the color began to move and form a circle shape on the screen while you talk. Therefore, removing the initial commend of “Hi, how can I help”. For instance, here is a little brief of the new Googles Assistance.

The Google Assistance is just like as if you’re speaking to someone or making a phone call. Let say you want to make a reservation’ you can simply click on the Google Assistance “and Google actually calls the real people you want to make a reservation. “For instance, you want to call a restaurant for reservation, it directly calls the hotel or restaurant and helps you make an available reservation”.

However, Google is making a seamless effort in marketing the next Generation of Google Assistance on very compatible devices which is Pixel 4.  Communicating with Google Assistance is like interacting with someone in real-time.