13 Good Christmas Movies to Watch on Hulu

Just like on other online movie streaming platforms, Hulu has identified all the best movies for its streamers to watch this Christmas. Hulu makes it simple to watch both old and new Christmas movies. This means that there are good Christmas movies to watch on Hulu.

13 Good Christmas Movies to Watch on Hulu

If the Christmas season is your favorite season of all, then you need to know which good Christmas movies to watch on Hulu. These movies may be familiar to a lot of us, but there are other unique Christmas movies to stream on Hulu, and this write-up will help you identify them.

13 Good Christmas Movies to Watch on Hulu

Just by visiting Hulu, you will find different good Christmas movies displayed, even in different genres and languages. In this part of my write-up, I will be giving you 13 good Christmas movies to watch on Hulu.

1. I’m Glad It’s Christmas

This movie features some of the best actors, such as Paul Greene, Jessica Lowndes, and Gladys Knight. This is a 2022 Christmas movie that talks all about a Broadway singer performing at her local Christmas celebration.

2. Santa Games

This is a very fun Christmas movie to stream on Hulu. It is a comedy from 2022 that will make you burst into laughter. It’s a storyline all about the competition to replace a mall Santa who retired.

3. It’s a Wonderful Binge

On Hulu, this 2022 movie is available for streaming. This is a comedic take on the Purge series. In this movie, drugs and alcohol are not allowed, but they are allowed on a single day, which is Christmas Eve. All you need to do is identify the movie on Hulu and then stream it.

4. All I Want for Christmas

Ivy, a young girl, has a very complicated Christmas wish. She wished that her divorced parents would reunite. With just a little holiday magic and a twist of fate, her wish may just come true. However, this is just one of the cool Christmas movies you should stream on Hulu.

5. The Mistletones

This is a 2012 Christmas movie, and it features the 2012 musical stars Tia Mowry and Tori Spelling, who are singing rivals who took part in a Christmas Eve competition. It is a very fun movie to stream this Christmas. All you need to do is identify it on Hulu.

6. The Holiday

This is a 2006 Christmas movie, and over the years, it has earned “re-watch” status. The movie features some of the best movie stars, such as Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Cameron Diaz stars. They are all featured in this Nancy Meyers holiday house-swap rom-com.

7. The Man Who Invented Christmas

This movie talks all about the life of Charles Dickens, the creator of the classic characters from A Christmas Carol. It is, however, a 2017 movie and is available on Hulu for streaming.

8. No Sleep ‘Til Christmas

A real-life couple, Dave and Odette Annabel feature in this rom-com as insomniacs. They discovered that they could only sleep next to each other. This is a classic movie on Hulu that you can watch on Christmas Eve.

9. Jingle All the Way

Sinbad and Phil Hartman are featured in this movie. The movie talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, who finds himself desperate to search for a hard-to-find toy for his son. If you’ve ever wanted the best movie to watch on Christmas Eve, here is the best one for you.

10. 12 Dates of Christmas

Looking for a Christmas comedy to stream with your family? This is another show to stream on Hulu. It is a rare TV Christmas movie that features the best Amy Smart stars we all recognize. The movie talks about a woman (Kate) who sabotages a blind date on Christmas Eve intentionally along with Miles when she gets the chance to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

11. Santa Claus

This is a movie about the origin story of Santa Claus. The movie tells the story of how Santa Claus earned the right to immortality alongside his job of giving out toys to children around the world. When the film moves to the modern era, Santa Claus has a problem.

The head of his elf Patch attempted to set up a business of his own. Then he went bankrupt, and that led him to get into business with R. Z., who is an evil toy producer.

12. 12 Pups of Christmas

On Hulu, this is a fun movie to watch. If you are a fan of pets or have one, you will eventually enjoy this movie. This is a holiday romance movie where a dog tracker company owner and his employee search for homes for 12 puppies.

13. Christmas With the Andersons

The Anderson family usually goes all out for Christmas. But this year was different after their father lost his job. Lucky for them, their wacky aunt comes to town and teaches them how to enjoy Christmas without having to spend much.