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Are you a fan of buffet meals? Then you need to try out the Golden Corral Breakfast. The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu is full of delicious delicacies that are perfect for everyone. However, if you are a bit confused, then do not be. I will be of great assistance to you.

Golden Corral Breakfast Menu on
Golden Corral Breakfast Menu on

Golden Corral is a restaurant that originated in the United States. So, this makes it an American restaurant or eating place. Furthermore, Golden Corral offers customers a grill and a buffet. In addition, it is also known as America’s number one buffet and grill place.

The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu is a list of foods that are excellent choices for breakfast. It is created solely for Golden Corral customers. So, if you are looking for a menu that is perfect for your breakfast plan, then you are in the right place.

Moreover, there are a lot of healthy options for you to pick from the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Golden Corral gives you the best and most healthy options to select from.

How Does The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu Work?

The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu allows you to plan your breakfast very easily. Furthermore, all of the customers of this American restaurant chain have access to this menu. You can also place your breakfast order from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Moreover, you can order anything you like from the menu and have it served to you within a short period of time. The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu also has cold and hot dishes. So, you choose a food plan that suits your preferences.

Did you know that you can serve yourself from the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu? Well, now that you know, you can plan your breakfast with a topping and any side dish of your choice.

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours

The breakfast hours of the best restaurant in the United States are:

      Monday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Tuesday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Wednesday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Thursday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Friday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Saturday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.
      Sunday7:30 A.M.11 A.M.

So, you can start ordering all of your favorite foods for breakfast when the clock strikes 7:30 a.m. But, make sure you place your order on time. This is because the ending time for breakfast is 11 a.m.

What is On The Golden Corral Breakfast Menu?

If you are a persistent customer of the Golden Corral Restaurant and you are wondering what you can get on the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu, here is a breakdown for you. Openly speaking, a menu is a list of available dishes in a restaurant.

                          COLD DISHES            HOT DISHES
                                Cheese            Scrambled Eggs
                                 Yogurt             French Toast
                                Cereals                 Omelets
                             Fresh Fruits            Flaky Biscuits
                           Cottage Cheese           Spinach Quiche
                          Assorted Pastries            Corned Beef
                             Maple Syrup                  Steak
                         Pancake Fixings  Bacon And Cheese Quiche
                            Fruit Juices                 Burrito
                       Sugar-Free Syrup  Hash  Browned Potatoes
                               Jellies                   Bacon
                       Whipped Cream                 Waffles
                        Whipped Margarine             Sausage Gravy
                                Ice Cream               Baked Ham
       Hash Brown Casserole
         Blueberry Pancakes
               Texas Toast
           Cinnamon Rolls
      Homestyle Pancakes
         Diced Ham Omelet
  Hash Grilled Corned Beef
            Sausage Links.
     Creamed Chipped Beef

Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Price

The items available on the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu come at different prices. Furthermore, these prices give you unlimited access to all the items on the menu, and juices and coffees are not an exception. So, the prices of the breakfast on the menu are as follows:

  • Children Under The Age Of 3 – Free Meals.
  • Children Up To 4 To 8 Years Old – $4.19.
  • Seniors – $6.99.
  • Children Within The Age Of 9 To 12 Years – $5.19

And lastly, the price of an adult buffet costs $7.99.

Can I Purchase Breakfast From Golden Corral All Day?

Sadly, the Golden Corral Breakfast only lasts from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Then, the brunch planning can begin. In addition, lunch starts from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will also be an utterance on the menu. Do not forget that Golden Corral gives customers access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, they can not spend the whole day preparing breakfast.

How Can I Find a Golden Corral Restaurant Near Me?

If you want to eat your breakfast at Golden Corral, then you need to find a Golden Corral Restaurant near you. So, to find the location of a Golden Corral Restaurant near you, follow these steps to find one:

  • Open your web browser on your mobile device or computer.
  • Navigate to the location finder platform.
  • You can also go to
  • Then, input your city name and zip code.

On the next page, you will see the nearest restaurants near you. So, you do not have to miss out on all the delicious meals available on the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu.