GMass – How Much Does GMass Cost | GMass Pricing

GMass is an online new email marketing extension, which works together with the Gmail account. The GMass extension is geared toward sending targeted emails designed to reach people with a personal message, event, business, or information. GMass is an online free and pricing service that allows its users to send a large unlimited number of email messages at the same time. Moreover, they encourage their user to use personal greetings and include an opt-out button so you can stop receiving messages if you choose. Also, most people who are users of the services have been given good feedback about the services. In which they confirm that it’s fast and easy to set up a campaign.

GMass - How Much Does GMass Cost | GMass Pricing

GMass is more alike with the Gmail services platform. It’s a service that grants you access to create a campaign, send, receive, and also communicate without any subscription or payment. The GMass for Gmail has two categories whereby they have the free plan as also the pricing plan. On the contrary, when you can use the free or paid GMass account, note that your overall sending limit per day is still the same and is determined by Gmail, not by the GMass. Using the free Email account limits you to 50 emails at a time but only the Gmail restricts total emails sent per day.

Features on the GMass Service Platform

However, knowing the features on the site will help you know more about the program. What type of services can the GMass offer you? Here are the listed features below.

  • Gmail’s compose window: this helps you compose unlimited messages and make use of the send to other friends who are users of the services.
  • Preview Mode
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Scheduling
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Email List Builder
  • Behavior-based campaigns
  • Break Gmail sending limits
  • Personalization
  • Reports automatic follow up email
  • Reply management
  • New messages vs. replies

However, the GMass is built with the same feature similar to every other email service provider like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and also Yahoo mail. However, in creating a GMass email, comes in a different type of plans that suit your preferences. Check out some of the pricing plans of the GMass email service.

How Can I Buy G-Mass Services Plans – GMass Pricing

On the contrary, many people are debating how much does GMass cost. The GMass pricing plan comes in different plans for you to buy. Here I will be explained to you the type of plan you can get on the G-Mass services plan. You can by the plan in different categories here are listed below.

This Subscription Is For Individual

  • Minimal is $89 per year/ monthly $8.95 with some features apply within.
  • Standard is $129 per year/ $12.95 monthly with some features apply with in the services.
  • Premium is $ 199 per year/ $19.95 per month. Then you will be able to access all features from the platform.

in summary, for the team, you can only subscribe to the premium plan which is only for $89 per month/ $897 per year. Now you can choose the plan you wish to subscribe to by click on the subscribe button. In conclusion, you can access the platform on any of your web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. then visit the URL and select add to Gmail or click on the plan to buy the G-Mass plan and start communicating with unlimited access of messages.