For you to Sign up for a user account on Gmail then you must have heard Gmail is an easy to use email online and mobile app. However, Gmail sign up new user account is very easy which is very quick and allows you to start sending and receive messages. The platform could be Sign up via the official website or the Gmail mobile app which will you give access to all Google Services. Such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Maps.

Gmail Sign up new user account is one of the best platforms where you get the advantage to send and receive messages around the world. However, creating a Gmail account gives the user the advantage to adjust their appearance or Behavior response. Which could be made from user mail settings. Also, like all major email providers, Gmail lets you keep an address book of contacts so you don’t have to memorize everyone’s email address. And also, you can add other contact information like phone numbers, birthdays and physical address. Of your business partner or family and friends.

How to Sign up for a new user Gmail account?

To sign up for a new user Gmail account might be for personal use or Business means which user gets 15GB immediately creating an account. However, you might want more than 15GB depending on your purpose of using your Gmail account. Also, users can upgrade to the premium account which will give more space than the normally provided space. Here are a few steps on Gmail sign up new user account;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or computer.
  • Go to the official website.
  • At the homepage click on Sign up which you will be asked for personal use or Business. Click on your choice of account Sign up.
  • If you choose personal then the next page will require you to provide your personal information. This will include your Gmail username, you need to create one and a strong password.
  • Then click on next which you will be required to produce a phone number and a 
  • verification code will be available immediately. Input the activation code and click continue.
  • Then you can access your Gmail service immediately and start sending messages.

How do I log in to Gmail New Account?

After Gmail Sign new user account, you now have your username and password, you might just want to Login to your mobile app to access your mail anywhere anytime. However, you can log in with your username and password which is very easy and straight forward. The Gmail mobile app could be download from the various app store such as Android and iOS respectively. Here are a few steps on how to log in to Gmail New account;

  • Launch the Gmail mobile app on your device.
  • At the homepage of the app click on Sign in and wait for the next page.
  • Input your username and click on next.
  • Then input your password and click Sign in.

Gmail gives every user the platform to create more than one account which could be for business and personal use. However, all this account could be logged on the same platform and users get to mange and look through all the Gmail accounts.