Gmail Hangouts – Use Google Hangouts On Google Mail

As one of the largest email service providers in the world, Gmail is used by more than 1.5 billion people from across the world. It provides users with many benefits and exclusive features that give its users a pleasurable experience. Gmail has several features you may not even be knowledgeable of and one of those features is what I will be taking you through in today’s article. Gmail Hangouts is an exclusive feature available for all active Gmail account holders. Equally important, Google mail Hangouts is the oldest and longest-running messaging and video chatting service provided by Google.

Gmail Hangouts - Use Google Hangouts On Google Mail

Furthermore, Gmail Hangout is available for free to all users. So, with Google Hangouts you can message and video call for as long as you want all for free with other Gmail Hangout holders. Unlike other apps or services, Google Hangouts allows you to make a video call with up to 25 people. More importantly, you can access Hangouts via your mobile phone or PC from anywhere; it is a chat app inside your Gmail. However, it is a standalone app. it was built specifically to make people connect easily via video, chat or calls.

Features Of Gmail Hangouts

Gmail Hangouts have tons of exclusive features that make it beneficial to its users. Many cooperate organization has taken the advantage of the many features and the way you can handle communications among employers and employees for free or paid. Below are the features of Hangout de Gmail;

  • Offers instant messaging.
  • Allows video calling.
  • Offers HD group conferencing service.
  • It allows auto screen focus.
  • You can easily integrate between other Google platforms.
  • It allows intelligent Muting.
  • Built-In screen sharing.
  • It is compatible with multiple computing devices.

How Does Gmail Hangouts Work?

To take your Gmail account to the next level, enjoy exclusive features that are not included in Gmail, you can join the many active users that use Gmail Hangouts to connect. Gmail hangouts is pretty easy to use and it is absolutely free. In order to access the service via your Gmail, follow through with these procedures;

  • Sign in to your Gmail account via your mobile phone or from your Desktop
  • On the bottom left side of the page, click on Hangouts icon
  • Click on the plus button beside your name
  • Enter a name you want to chat with
  • Finally, you can start chatting or video call if you want.

Unarguably, Gmail Hangouts is one of the cheapest but strong modes of communication available. Little wonder it holds a top leading position in Communication Software Category.