General Auto Insurance

Looking for auto insurance that’s hassle-free and easy to understand? Then check out General Auto Insurance! The General is an insurance company that offers solid auto insurance coverage for high-risk drivers. This insurer is a good fit for drivers with poor credit, insurance lapses, moving violations, or accident records. It is also a good one for drivers who have difficulties getting a policy from other car insurance companies.

General Auto Insurance

Whether you’re a new driver looking for basic coverage or a seasoned driver seeking comprehensive protection, this company has you covered. From liability coverage to collision protection, they offer a range of policies to meet your specific needs. They ensure that you have the peace of mind to focus on what matters most: hitting the road safely.

Who Should Get General Auto Insurance?

Just so you know, this provider is a good one for drivers who do not have a clean driving record. It is also a good one for people who may have lapses in insurance coverage or poor credit scores. Offenses like DUIs or multiple car accidents can make it very hard for you to get covered by many high-profile companies. But the general covers just everyone. As a higher-risk driver, you should expect to pay more for the policy. On the other hand, low-risk drivers have a variety of options. However, with this provider, you can easily get cheap insurance rates. Keep in mind that if you have a clean driving record, it may not be the right option for affordability.

Is General Insurance Cheap?

Finding inexpensive car insurance with The General is uncommon, although the company advertises affordable coverage for drivers with higher risk profiles. However, their full coverage policies are notably more expensive, averaging $1,004 above the national average. This positions The General as one of the pricier options in the market. Despite catering to high-risk drivers, their quotes typically align with industry norms.

What Does it Cover?

Fortunately, this insurer provides most major types of car insurance coverage. This includes:

Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage is a must-have for drivers in almost every state. If you’re responsible for an accident, this will help pay for the other person’s injuries and their vehicle damage.


This steps in to cover expenses for repairing your vehicle if you’re involved in a collision with another object while driving, such as a car, tree, or guardrail.

Gap insurance

This serves as a safeguard against the rapid depreciation of cars. In the event of a significant accident shortly after securing an auto loan, You might owe more on the car than its fair market value, which your insurer is willing to reimburse. It fills this financial gap, ensuring you’re not left with outstanding debts.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage goes beyond just accidents. It helps to cover the expenses of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it’s damaged by things like hail storms, vandalism, theft, or hitting a deer.

Medical payment coverage

Medical payment coverage steps in to cover medical expenses if you’re injured in a crash, whether or not you have health insurance. It can also cover medical costs for your passengers.

Uninsured or underinsured bodily injury

Uninsured or underinsured bodily injury coverage comes into play when you’re in an accident. That is caused by another driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries or those of your passengers.

Uninsured motorist property damage Coverage

It helps pay for damages to your vehicle if you’re in a crash with a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance. Some states may require it, even if you have collision insurance.

Rental reimbursement coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage pays for a rental car while your car is being fixed after a crash. It is typically for a set number of days, like 30 days.

Towing and labor coverage

Towing and labor coverage help to pay for towing your car to a repair shop if it breaks down.

Custom equipment coverage

Custom equipment coverage helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing any custom parts you’ve added to your car. For example, a special paint job or stereo system.

To supplement your auto policy, the general offers additional options like roadside assistance and SR-22 assistance.

General Auto Insurance Benefits

This insurer is a quite decent one for high-risk drivers. Some of the advantages of the provider include:

  • Car insurance discounts
  • Provide a policy for high-risk drivers.
  • It is available in most states in the USA, including Washington, D.C.
  • Mobile app
  • The General Labs program.

With The General, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that you’re backed by reliable and transparent auto insurance. You’ll experience hassle-free insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat.

General Auto Insurance Car Cost

Unfortunately, this insurer’s average premium is limited, which makes it quite difficult to calculate a fair rating and provide an accurate review. However, it is very important to know that several factors are considered when policies are written. And the cost will vary based on factors like vehicle type, geographic location, driving history, and age. It is worth getting a quote from the provider to see if they can offer coverage within your set budget.

How to Purchase Auto Insurance from the General

You can visit the provider’s official website to get a free quote at You can also contact them or obtain a quote from the mobile app. This insurer has various physical locations that you can visit and call Louisia. To purchase the policy online, you will have to provide your details, such as your credit score, marital status, age, and ZIP code.

You will have to answer questions about your driving history and whether you use the vehicle for personal or business purposes. Put down information about your vehicle, such as make, year, and model. The company will reach out to you for further information and processing. You can easily file a claim on the official website or through the General Auto Insurance app.

Does the General offer good car insurance?

The General could be a good choice if you’ve had some issues with your driving record. They specialize in helping people who might have trouble getting insurance elsewhere, like those with a high-risk history or poor credit. The insurer offers everything you need to drive legally and safely. However, if you want to bundle your insurance policies or get a discount for having multiple policies, you might find better options elsewhere.