Gates Millennium Scholarship – APPLY NOW

Are you interested in applying for the next Gates Millennium Scholarship? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will outline the steps and guidelines to successfully apply for a Gates Millennium scholarship and the requirements needed. In the meantime, the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program was founded in 1999.

This program is a billion-dollar program designed to promote academic excellence and provide students with opportunities. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is an ideal scholarship for minorities who are high school seniors. This scholarship program offers 20,000 outstanding students the opportunity to select and apply for a bachelor’s degree for free.

Gates Millennium Scholarship - APPLY NOW

In addition, students are provided with attendance funding, which covers their tuition, fees, room, board, books, transportation, and other personal costs. However, this program doesn’t cover the already-covered fee by other financial aid or the expected contribution, which will be determined by the free application for federal student aid, popularly known as FAFSA.

It is worth noting that the scholarship will be funded for five years. During this time it is expected the student will complete their bachelor’s degree. Also, the scholarship does not cover graduate programs, only undergraduate ones.

Gates Millennium Scholarship Partners

UNCF, the United Negro College Fund, administers the GMS initiative in partnership with the following organizations:

  • American Indian Graduate Center Scholars
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund.
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

Gates Millennium Scholars (GSM) Eligibility Criteria

There are some criteria you must meet to qualify for the Gat Millennium Scholars, and some of them are as follows:

  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Students who matriculated full-time as degree-seeking freshmen at accredited colleges or universities in fall 2021 are eligible, with the exception of those who were jointly enrolled in high school and college or received GEDs.
  • Demonstrated leadership over community service, extracurriculars, and other activities.
  • African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Hispanic American, or Asian Pacific American
  • Also, you need a G.P of 3.3 on a 4.0 Scale.
  • Applicant must qualify for the Pell requirement

The lists above are just some of the criteria you must meet to qualify for the Gat Millennium Scholars.

How To Apply for the Gates Millennium Scholarship

There are only five (5) steps for you to complete the application process, and they are as follows:

Step 1: Become Familiar with the Entire Application Process

For you to apply for the Gates Millennium scholarship, there are just three (3) components to the application, which are:

  • The student application (Nominee Form)
  • The evaluation of the student’s academic record (Nominator Form)
  • The evaluation of students’ community service and leadership activities (recommender form)

All three forms listed above must be completed before the given deadline.

Step 2: Understanding the Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating applications, academic rigor, community service, and leadership activities are considered. The academic record of the student should reveal their commitment to academics and their determination to succeed in challenging coursework.

Community service and leadership activities should also be elevated to gain insight into the student’s potential for leadership. and their devotion to serving their community through extracurricular activities. It is very important that these three areas are well represented in the application in order to offer a comprehensive view of the student’s abilities and potential.

Step 3: Select and Recommend the appropriate Nominee

To suggest a student for a community service and leadership award, the nominator must be an educator, like a teacher, counselor, or principal. The recommender must have data on the student’s community service and leadership activities. While the nominator can likewise act as the recommender, it can’t be vise vasa. It is very important to note that neither the nominator nor the recommender can be a relative of the student.

Step 4: Tell Your Story

It is important to share your story and bring your experiences to life. You can ask your supporters to assist you in identifying how far you have come and what you have achieved all through your high school career. They can also review your essays and give feedback. Ensure to give your nominator and recommender a resume or personal profile.

Step 5: Complete Your Application Before the Deadline

It is vital to complete exact sections of the application on a weekly basis. It is likewise important to stay in touch with your recommender and nominator to make sure they have submitted their forms before the deadline. Follow up with them often to ensure they are making progress and will be able to submit their forms before the deadline. Don’t forget to submit your form before the deadline.


In conclusion, the Gates Millennium Scholars program is designed to help outstanding students achieve their academic goals. It offers funding for the entire cost of attendance, which is not covered by any other financial aid or the expected family contribution. With this initiative, you can achieve your dream of becoming a graduate.