Front Desk Agent Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Would you love to get Front Desk Agent Jobs in USA? It could be for a firm, company, or even an organization, all that matters is that you are qualified for the post and role. In the USA today, the average salary a front desk agent earns per hour is about $50. That’s sure great pay for the role and you shouldn’t hesitate to get your papers ready and also apply. The best about this role is that most companies also offer visa sponsorships to their workers or employees.

Furthermore, in case you are wondering what Front Desk Agent Jobs workers do, every hotel guest’s initial point of contact is always with a front desk agent. They attend to visitors’ wants and give them a satisfying experience during their stay by utilizing their abilities and professional knowledge. Reservations are made, guests’ rooms are checked in and out, and any special requests or needs are met. The duties of a front desk agent will be listed below:


The Duties Of A Front Desk Agent In A Hotel

The duties of a front desk agent in a hotel are quite very simple and straightforward. They include the following respectively;

  • keeping in touch with the housekeeping and maintenance teams to guarantee the best possible guest service
  • Making reservations for visitors at neighborhood restaurants, entertainment venues, or other local attractions; coordinating shuttle or taxi services; and, when requested, making recommendations
  • Supplying details about hotel facilities, pricing, and rooms
  • Answering incoming and outgoing calls, as well as calls from visitors who have already checked in, and preserving a record of each call for future use
  • Keeping in touch with visitors before significant occasions for which they have reserved space and service
  • Encouraging the use of hotels

All a front desk agent aims at is making sure that the guests and users are given convinced at the reception. Also, to make sure they provide the guest with every necessary thing that they’d need to get comfortable.


Available Place to apply for The Post of A Front desk agent Job in USA

There are several organizations and hotels that are currently seeking to employ front desk agents even with visa sponsorship attached to some of the offers, you can easily check out these companies by visiting job-giving sites like,, etc. To get these companies that you could apply to.

How Much Does a Front Desk Agent Earn In USA?

The size, location, and level of service of a hotel or resort, as well as the front desk agent’s job experience, abilities, education, and certifications, can all affect how much they make.

  • $12.27 an hour is the average wage in the United States.
  • Some jobs pay between $7.25 and $22.90 per hour.

The salary ranges differently, pending on where you are applying and also your level of qualification.


Front Desk Agent Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Requirements For Front Desk Agents

Depending on the level of jobs you’re applying for, there may be various prerequisites for being a front desk agent, such as:


Being a front desk agent normally does not require a post-secondary degree. Nevertheless, the majority of companies do prefer candidates with at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. For those seeking career advancement, an associate’s degree in business, administration, or hospitality can be helpful.


Most front desk staff members pick up the knowledge and abilities necessary for their position on the job. However, it also includes problem-solving, communication, and customer service. Many front desk agents eventually cross-train as night auditors or concierges as part of the onboarding process with a new job. Training is typically included in this process. An initial phase of textbook study and safety education is frequently followed by one to two weeks of shadowing an experienced front desk agent. Or until the learner feels confident enough to handle chores independently. When starting employment for a new employer, front desk agents can draw on prior expertise in hospitality or customer service.



Front desk agents can develop their hospitality abilities and obtain more practical knowledge of their responsibilities by earning professional certificates. The following are the most widespread certifications for this profession:

Front Desk Agent With Certification:

This credential, which is offered by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, highlights the abilities and information that successful front desk representatives possess. You must obtain a passing grade of at least 70% on a 30-question exam in order to be certified. The certification is good for five years after receiving it.