Flight Time From Lagos To New York

Are you planning on flying from Lagos, Nigeria, to New York, USA? or you are just curious about how long the flight time between Lagos and New York is? Well, this article will give you the best information you are looking for. In this article, we will provide you the accurate Flight times from Lagos To New York.

Flight Time From Lagos To New York

If you are in Lagos, the nearest airport is Murtala Muhammed Airport. And for New York, the nearest airport is John F. Kennedy International Airport. You can check online to find flights from Lagos to New York. And also check out the airports that are nearby.

Flight time from Lagos to New York via Amsterdam Loss to JKF via AMS

The flight duration from Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport to New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. A KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands, takes about 20 hours and five minutes.

The flight time from Lagos, Nigeria, to New York via Casablanca Loss to JFK via CMN

The flight duration from Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Through Mohammed V Airport, Morocco, on a Royal  Maroc flight is about sixteen hours and forty minutes.

Flight time from Lagos to New York

Just so you know, there are a few nonstop flights from Lagos, Nigeria, to New York, USA. So you will have to go on connecting flights. In this case, the flight time will be based on the stopover destination specified by your airline. Or the one you select while booking your flight ticket.

The fastest one-stop flight between Lagos, Nigeria, and New York, United States, takes about 16 hours. However, some airlines can take about 23 hours, depending on the waiting duration and stopover destination. The waiting time at intermediate airports can take about 16 to 23 hours.

Flight Time from Lagos to Airports near New York

Below are the direct flights and one-stop flight times from Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport to airports that are closer to New York.

  JourneyDestination Airports  Duration  Stops
  LOS–BBWIBaltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport  25 hours, 15 minutes  1 Stop
  LOS–BBOSLogan International Airport, Boston18 hours, 31 minutes  1 Stop
  LOS–EEWRNewark Liberty International Airport  19 hours, 45 minutes    1 Stop
  LOS-PHLPhiladelphia International Airport  22 hours 10     minutes  I stop

LOS to JFK Flight: Lagos Nigeria Airport to New York United States Airport Flight Route Map

You can use your map to check the Lagos to New York flight part and the traveling direction. Also, you can make use of an online flight time calculator to find flying time from Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, or another city in Nigeria to various destinations across the world. Below is a list of major airports and cities around the world.

  • Merlo, Merlo
  • Boigu Island, Boigu Island
  • Sheghnan, Sheghnan
  • Badu Island, Badu Island
  • Cape Flattery, Cape Flattery
  • Beagle Bay, Beagle Bay
  • Biloela, Biloela
  • Fitiuta, Fitiuta
  • Abingdon, Abingdon
  • Christmas Creek, Christmas Creek

There are various flight time calculators online that you can use to find flight times from Lagos or Murtala Muhammed Airport to other cities or airports around the world.