Fido Loans – How to Get Quick Loan Online

Are you surrounded by financial needs? Is getting money for the next project very hard? Why not try Fido loans services? There are lots of times when you can be overwhelmed with several financial pressing needs, getting a loan shouldn’t also be as hard as they seem and this is what loan platforms like the fido stands to accomplish for lots of people who are in urgent need of loans.

Fido Loans - How to Get Quick Loan Online
Fido Loans – How to Get Quick Loan Online

Furthermore, in this blog post, we will be looking at the Fido loans services, how to apply for loan on the platform, what is required and what you should know about the loan platform. Ensure you read through this post till the very end or you could also skip to your most important parts and get all the help you need asap!

What is the Fido Loans Platform About?

Meanwhile, in Accra, Ghana, there is a financial organization called Fido Savings and Loans. They offer their clients “FIDO Loans,” which are simply short-term loans. Howevre, they provide self-employed, salaried, and contracted individuals with access to Fido loans. Customers of Fido Savings and Loans are encouraged to use their mobile devices to submit loan applications.

What Is The Least Amount I can Borrow From Fido Loans?

Nonetheless, s a new user or customer to fido loan, you will be allowed to get a loan of about GH₵150-200. This loan is granted within 5-30 days. You are also advised to pick the loan terms in the app when applying. Interestingly, a good logic that should be followed on the platform is early payment, if you are able to pay up your money on time on the platform you stand a chance of getting a frequent increment in the amount of loan that you could apply for in your next loaning moment.

Early payment on the platform could also help you to climb the ladder up to the maximum of a thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵1000).

What is the Fido Loan Interest Rate?

Interest rates for new customers at Fido Savings and Loans start at 14% for a 30-day period. Before applying, they make the interest rate quite apparent in the app. However, loyal customers who have a good track record of repaying loans early receive greater interest rates on subsequent loans. For 30 days, Fido loans have an interest rate as low as 8%.

What Conditions Apply to Fido Loans?

However, Fido loans have requirements you must complete in order to be offered a loan, just like any other financial institution.

The following items are necessary for a Fido loan:

  • A current ID card.
  • Mobile money or a bank account.
  • The candidate must live in Ghana.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

A national passport, a driver’s license, a voter ID, an NHIA membership, and a national ID are all acceptable forms of identification. MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Tigo Money are two examples of acceptable mobile money accounts. For at least two months, it must be registered in your name.

Does Fido Loan Include Extra Fees?

Fido loans do not have any extra attached fee or upfront fees attached to it. You are only to pay back the amount loaned. You are however expected to pay up just your loaned amount, there is no other attached fees to the fido loan.

What Can I Use Fido Loan To Do?

If the essence of processing a loan is merely for feeding with any tangible investment budgeted for the loan taken, you may be running yourself into a big dept. There are several loan platforms that give loans for specific purposes. For the Fido loan, the purpose of your loan is in your hand.

How To Apply For Fido Loan in Ghana Without Stress

There is a no bigger and more difficult way to apply for a fido loan. Just follow the steps below;

  • Download the App: The very best step is to visit your app store and plays tore to download the official app.
  • Launch the app: The next step is to open the app.
  • Create an account: You can easily apply for a loan by filling out the loan form in the app.
  • Process a loan: after filling out the loan form then you can process a loan and wait till you receive it.

Note: After filling in the required information, your information will be revealed and verified. If you do not pass the necessary requirements, you may not be granted a loan