Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review

What is the Echo Dot 3rd generation, its usability, and is it worth buying? You may have heard of the Echo Dot 3rd generation but don’t know exactly what it is used for or its functionality, or you may have been clueless about it until now. Read through this article to get the important information you need to know about it.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation, also known as Amazon Echo Dot 3, is a voice-controlled smart speaker, and it is one of the most popular and best-selling Amazon smart speakers. It makes use of Alexa to perform its functions. Alexa is an Amazon voice-based visual assistant that powers an entire smart device. Therefore, with this digital assistant, you can easily voice control your devices and perform tasks.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review

In addition, with the production of the Alexa Echo Dot 3rd generation, there is an improvement in lifestyles and technology. Amazon Echo 3 allows you to voice control your smart home devices, and it is perfect for any home. All you need to do with Alexa is input commands that can help you control your smart device, like lights, fans, coffee makers, and so on, with your voice. This Amazon smart speaker comes with an improved-quality speaker for clearer music and sound.

Features of 3rd Generation Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot 3 turns out to be one of the most popular and best-selling Alexa smart speakers. This is because of how it was built and the functions and features it carries. Therefore, when you have this smart technology in your home, you don’t have to perform tasks with your manpower.

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is now designed with a fabric design plus an improved speaker to enhance sound quality. Below are some of the features and functionality of Echo Dot 3.

  • It comes with a fabric design and an improved sound speaker.
  • Allows you to voice control your smart device.
  • Bluetooth device enabled
  • Allows you to stream music from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and others.
  • Better and clearer sound
  • Alexa Visual Assistant enabled
  • It allows you to make calls when you link your Vodafone account to it.
  • It allows you to control your smart home with your voice, like turning on lights, making coffee, turning off your fans, and adjusting thermostats.
  • Built with maximum privacy protection features like a microphone off button.

The above-listed features and functionality are contained in the Echo Dot third generation. When you buy it, you are likely to discover many new and exclusive features.

One such feature is that with Alexa, you can set up timers, create calendar events, set reminders, check the news, prepare item lists, and many more things that you cannot even imagine.

How To Purchase Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

You can buy the Echo Dot 3rd Gen from the Amazon online marketplace for $39.99. Also, it is readily available for purchase on the official website,, or the Amazon mobile application.

However, to buy anything from the online store, you need to create an account with Amazon. Below is the detailed guide to follow:

  • Visit the official website,
  • Using the search by “categories,”
  • Click on Shop and select Echo devices.
  • Search on Echo Dot 3rd Generation.
  • Select the device when it is found.
  • Select “Add to Cart.”
  • Go through the shipping and payment methods.

Finally, after you have gone through the shipping and payment methods, you can wait for your payment to be verified. However, delivery also depends on your location. Mind you, you must sign in to your Amazon account before you can make a purchase.

Is the Echo Dot 3rd Generation worth it?

Yes. The Echo Dot 3rd Gen is simply worth it and this is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the device comes with a nice design making it stand out from other speakers. In addition, the device has a good sound quality which is far better than the old Echo Dot.

Plus, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot is a compact and affordable smart speaker that offers voice-controlled Alexa functionality. It’s suitable for basic tasks like playing music, setting timers, and controlling smart home devices.

However, there are newer Echo Dot models available, like the 4th Generation and later, which may have additional features and improved performance. Hence, I recommend checking the latest models and their features to determine if the 3rd Gen Echo Dot meets your requirements or if a newer model would be a better choice.