Does Pet Insurance Cover Diabetes

Pet insurance offers financial protection to pet owners. It is advisable to get pet insurance if you have a pet because it covers unforeseen financial expenses that are pet-related. It covers the financial expenses related to your pet. Expenses such as vet care are all covered under vet insurance, but does pet insurance cover diabetes?

Does Pet Insurance Cover Diabetes

Just like humans, pets also get diseases, which include diabetes. Under pet insurance, some policies cover health-related illnesses that may include diabetes. These policies cover the medical bills and drugs for the pet. Unfortunately, diabetes will not be covered if your pet insurance policy does not cover it. This write-up contains all the information needed to answer the question, “Does pet insurance cover diabetes?”.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Diabetes?

Whether or not pet insurance covers diabetes depends on when the insurance was obtained, the type of insurance coverage purchased, the pet’s health condition, and when the insurance was obtained. If your pet was insured before it had diabetes, pet insurance will only cover most of the costs related to the disease, but it’s a different case if your pet was diagnosed before the policy was issued.

Your pet insurance will not cover diabetes at all as long as the insurance policy has not been obtained yet. For pet insurance to cover diabetes, the pet parent should have purchased an accident and illness policy before the illness is diagnosed. However, pet parents who purchase accident coverage alone will also not be covered for diabetes. Pet insurance, however, only pays up to a limit on policies.

Some pet insurance companies only pay up to a year on policies, while others have their limits. If your pet’s diabetes exceeds its limits, your insurance policy will not cover you after the end of its limit. This, however, depends on the pet insurance company. To avoid these, ensure you check the insurance limit and exclusions to keep you ready.

What type of Pet Insurance Covers Diabetes?

If you have accident and illness insurance coverage for your pet, diabetes can be covered in some cases. Getting accident coverage alone does not cover diabetes, but getting it along with illness coverage should cover some expenses related to diabetes. However, two types of pet policies may cover diabetes.

These policies are lifetime policies and maximum benefit policies. The lifetime insurance policy covers the life of your pet, but it requires you to renew premium plans annually. The maximum benefits policy covers the cost of an ongoing illness such as diabetes, but up to the limit stated on your policy.

What Pet Insurance Covers in Diabetes

Pet insurance that was obtained before the illness was diagnosed covers the cost of expenses related to diabetes. Most pet insurance companies have insurance policies that cover expenses related to diabetes. Depending on the coverage stated on your policy, pet insurance covers the following expenses:

  • Veterinary exams.
  • Diagnostic imaging.
  • Insulin.
  • Glucose meters to test the pet’s insulin levels.
  • Urine test strips.
  • Blood testing.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Emergency veterinary care.
  • Syringes to administer insulin.
  • Specialized diabetic diet.

What exactly is covered under your coverage will be stated in your policy. Note that veterinary care for diabetes will not be covered if the condition was pre-existing before the policy was purchased. Or if the pet owner only opted for an accident-only plan, which excludes coverage for pre-existing conditions like diabetes.

When Should You Get Pet Insurance?

As soon as you get a pet, it is advisable to get pet insurance right away. You do not need to wait for an illness to strike before you get your pet insured. Getting pet insurance helps you get a freeway through the medical-related expenses of your pet. You do not have to worry about veterinary care, special food, or even monitoring devices because your pet insurance covers them. Getting pet insurance before diabetes symptoms appear allows your policy to cover expenses related to your pet’s diabetes.

Can I get Pet Insurance After my pet has been Diagnosed with Diabetes?

Yes, you can get pet insurance after your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately, the insurance will not cover your pet’s diabetes expenses. However, if you purchase coverage that covers pre-existing illnesses, related expenses related to your pet’s diabetes will be covered. Typically, pet insurance policies exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, meaning that any conditions your pet has before purchasing the policy will not be eligible for coverage.